One of the things I teach is that our value comes from and through the expression of our Soul quality.

But I got a bit side-tracked this week while I’ve been eager and excited to produce an article and recording. It was eye opening and liberating to discover something new and give a name to a block that could be holding up many spiritually-awakened individuals.

Naturally, I want to share it.

And my mind took off, creating a whole series of connections and links that I’ve been taught to believe are true.

It looks like this:

  • Wow! This is amazing. Great help to me and could be so helpful to many.
  • Make it a free gift.
  • Oh, that grows my list and visibility.
  • Bigger list is good. Means more prospects. More money. More clients.
  • Now I’m touching more people’s lives, adding more value and making a difference. Not to mention, MONEY.

Let me tell you how that’s SO FALSE.

Value resides with our hearts.

It is the expression of our inherent Self – kind, loving, beautiful, grace-filled, abundant, hopeful, majestic, compassionate, forgiving.

Value is who I am and who you are. Without doing.

Because we use the word ‘value’ so much and so readily in business, in our businesses, we’ve forgotten our TRUE value.

There are many, many things I have done to add value to your lives and the life of this planet that you will never know about, that can never be measured, that will never grow a list or have someone give me money.

How do you quantify the value in the trash I pick up on my walks?

How do you measure the love given to another?

How to you track the difference a teacher makes when she feeds her hungry kids so they might be able to learn?

Let’s be clear. My mind was playing a game with me. An old and tired one.

A big list does not give or add value.

Greater visibility does not give or add value.

More prospects, more clients, more money do not give or add value.

An email list is a tool that helps me communicate with my like-minded people. It’s helpful that way.

Visibility pumps-up my ego for certain, and it means more people hear what I say. That’s all.

More prospects, clients and money are business outcomes that feel gratifying and make it easier for me to play in the world.

It is only the expression of my heart that is my value and contributes value.

Let me be clear and plain:

In my own personal, daily work to be a clearer expression of my heart’s Divine Love, I discovered a way I’m holding myself back; one I had absolutely never considered or heard about anywhere else.

I call it Post Spiritual-Awakening Stress Response.

I created a release for it that I feel makes a difference.

I wrote about it, created a recording and set it all up for easy access.

If you want it, you will be added to my email list so that I can send you the PDF and recording. And you will be given an opportunity to immediately unsubscribe if the PDF and download were all you really wanted.

I’ll keep an eye on shares, downloads, subscribes and unsubscribes because it’s fun and rewarding.

Here’s the link.

And tomorrow during my personal time, I will once again aim to be a clearer expression of my Divine Love, in thought, emotion and deed.

Here’s to your inherent value expressed with every breath you take.

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