Maybe you’ve been through a huge life upheaval, like me, where your relationships, your home, your work and even your health have been tumbled around so dramatically that it’s no longer recognizable.

Maybe life’s just been a constant pressure – emotionally, financially, physically.

Maybe on the whole you’d say life’s been damn good (considering) – even though it’s been emotionally hard.

And through it all, and now too, you’ve had desires. Deep desires and wishes and dreams.


Wishes, desires and dreams…

…for self-esteem and a sense of self worth that feel so solid it lights your life.

…for a love so intimate and connected you feel it soften and melt every hard, tense place within you.

…to live with a freedom – weightless yet constant and powerful like the wind.

…to feel value and know your value so truly it virtually vibrates on the very edges of your skin with its electric presence.

… to know, at your core, your Soul’s purpose with an easy constancy so that each step is confident and sure.

…so many more wishes, desires, dreams, they fall like pearly-prayers from our lips and heart.


But what you don’t remember…

…not long ago, that moment, surrounded by your tribe of Love and Light, when you felt the pull – the deep, deep yearning – to come to Earth.

And you knew, so clear and true, what you’d likely feel and live and experience on Earth.

And your Tribe knew too. In that moment as preparations were made, they all gathered ’round, and more came too who loved and wished you well, and they blessed you.

They blessed you with every gift they could ever imagine you needing when you visited Earth.

They blessed you so full you’d never run dry or be without.

Blessed with love, courage, passion, clarity, wisdom, power, joy, wealth, freedom, peace and so much more. Just perfect and right, for you.

So remember, when you are in that place of wishing, of feeling empty and wanting…

…remember you are already blessed in abundance.

You have what you need and desire with you always. Ready to be claimed.

Your blessing sits within you, waiting to be claimed.

Are you ready to believe it? Are you ready to feel it?


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