I’m one fourth of the way into a personal 2-year journey of living from my Heart.

That means that as often as I can, I check in and make a deliberate connection with my Heart, my Inner Wisdom.

And then set out to follow that guidance.

To be clear, I’ve not known how to do this my whole life. At first, I had no idea where my Heart was or what it felt like. But over the last decade or so I’ve been learning to listen to my Heart more deliberately, with greater consciousness and with greater discernment.

It has been a painstaking devotion. If you listen to your Heart, you know. Especially when you first begin listening deliberately and consciously, you wonder: was that my Heart’s wisdom or my mind?

And then as you get better at it, you find yourself muttering quietly to yourself: I’m crazy – if anyone knew, they’d totally think I’m a nut-job.

Over time I’ve developed greater ease in listening and have become more conversant with the language of my Heart and the wisdom it shares with me. This is true for all of us, with practice.

But I’ll tell you right now, I’ve gotten to the point where I’m totally clear with what my Heart says – when I listen – and still, sometimes more than others, I find myself doubting.

“Really? How’s that going to work? I’m not so sure I can do that, be that, walk that path.”

Do you know why?

Because I will immediately pull up some memory, of something that seemed like I didn’t/couldn’t/wasn’t and it looks like perfect validation for how my guidance is off-base – EVEN AS I KNOW THAT MY HEART HAS THE RIGHT OF IT.

And then quick on the heals of that memory, logic and reason kick in and begin some form of mind-magic that in the blink of an eye has run some elaborate cost-benefit analysis that points the way to the seemingly responsible, successful, not-crazy path.

Are you following me? Are you right there with me? That point where your Heart and your mind are right there together teetering, teetering, teetering…

Which way do you go? Do you decide with your mind or your Heart?

It’s in that moment, the very moment we encounter time after time, all day, every day, that we open ourselves up to alignment and flow with our Divine Perfection, or neutralize the energy we’ve given our dreams and desires.

To decide with your Heart is to line up with your Inner Wisdom which by default is aligned with Universal Wisdom and creates the fast-track to your desires.

To decide with your mind is like derailing your personal train. You’re no longer on the tracks; you’re still nearby but just not moving toward your desires.

I do both. We all do.

I decide with my Heart and I decide with my mind. And it’s crystal clear which one takes me farther and faster toward my desires and my joy. I’m sure you are too.

I’m doing a better and better job of following my Heart’s guidance. Especially now that I’ve learned to decide with my Heart as opposed to my mind. And can feel the difference.

Do you see and feel the difference between deciding from your Heart or mind?

Would you like to live more from your Heart, in a clear, connected and confident way?

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