Do you notice the two parts of yourself

the inspiration, insight and lighter-than-a feather spirit-self

and the physical, fingers-in-the-soil, sadness in the bones, delight in the taste, the aroma, the song of life.

These two parts are one whole.

One light. One grounded.

The one whole stretches, stretches, stretches apart. As we live. As we age. As we taste. As we dream.

Because the parts feel so different, we don’t know how to have these two so-different parts be whole – amplify each other.

So few teachers and guides to show the way.

So much physical, physical, physical to press upon our awareness.

The inspiration and insight so light it seems to float away invisible.

They are one. Only stretched apart. With time and life.

Stretched and stretched and stretched.

So that our body tires and burns out for want of the fulfillment of the heart.

So that our dreams float father away to become wistful longings, an ocean away, seemingly unattainable, their moment gone.

The stretching-out happens by choice. Our choice and our power.

We are one whole. The inspiration and insight, and the physical groundedness.

Not one or the other. One and the whole.

We can stop the stretching apart. Choosing one or the other. Living one or the other.

Live the whole of you.

Choose the inspiration. It feeds the heart.

Choose the insight. If frees your joy.

Relish the joy. It nourishes the body and creates more inspiration.

Feel the stretched-apart-bits ease. Time. Money. Relationship. Love.

Less and less and less stretched.

Closer together you come.

One whole. One grounded being of light.

Now. Create your miracles.


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