Life has this way of being good.

The kind of good that has a sparkle to it. That has these poignantly touching moments when you sit holding your child through tears after a surprising and stressful test, that blossoms to heart-hugs and sparkling eyes of relief and possibility.

The kind of good that’s a perfect cup of tea, sitting quiet and still. Or the good of getting everyone out the door on time.

The simple, daily good.

The good is its own reward.

Even when at the same time life doesn’t have the money you really want coming in. Even when at the same time you wish for a partner who gets you and loves you. Even when your dream or desire sits quietly on the shelf waiting, or in a tangled knot of frustration for want of where to start.

When life is good like this, the good with the wistful longing for more in the midst of the good, that’s when you have a pebble in your shoe.

I’m so familiar with that pebble.

There it is as I’m walking my path, enjoying the view, the fresh air, the whole experience. I notice it but I sure want to keep walking to see more, enjoy more.

And sometimes I just have to sit down and rest.

And I don’t ever fully fall into a steady stride, because, sure enough, there’s that pebble.

And I never really try running anymore because, well, I tried it before and with a pebble that really hurts.

I remember the times I managed to get the pebble out of my shoe and that was glorious. Real surefooted strides. Pain-free, easy. Every step bliss, because, take a look around. It’s just so good – really, really good.

Then, before long, I realize things aren’t easy any more. And sure enough, there’s that pebble again.

Here’s the thing: I never quite knew how I managed to get the pebble out before. So when it came back, I wasn’t real sure what to do to get it out. I’ve tried all sorts of things but it has been hit-or-miss creating that glorious feeling. Every time it has seemed mysterious.

And mysteries are puzzles for me. The kind I’m constantly fidgeting with. I’ve learned that’s just how I am.

But all puzzles eventually fall into place. The right piece comes along, or a new perspective opens up on an old piece. And there you have it! The answer you were seeking.

I’ve found an answer to how to get the pebble out of my shoe. Consistently. And I’ve been testing it out.

I’m ready to share it. Now that my friends and family have tried it and like it. Now that my clients are trying it and liking it.

It’s not hard. And it’s not magic or mysterious. There is a simple, consistent way to keep that pebble out of your shoe. It’s reliable and repeatable.

The mysterious part has been that your way and my way are just not going to be the same. Ever.

Now that I know my way, I’m pebble-free.

And I can show you your way. Your unique, not-mysterious way to stop walking with a pebble in your shoe.

It’s pretty darn glorious.





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