Today I realized I needed to make an agreement with my Divine Self.

Here’s the context: in December I made an even deeper commitment to work/live from my I AM Presence. Two years of full-on trust, faith and devotion to my Soul. This is effort – it doesn’t require me to tax my physical muscles like working with a personal trainer, yet the work requires even more effort and energy. Just imagine, with a personal trainer you have a start and end time. In this, you never leave yourself. You’re always there.

This commitment is not an abstraction for me. I am aware of my Divine Self. And when I take the time to be quiet I sense Her and hear Her. And when I do, I become quite aware of the human me in relationship to HER.

We’ve been learning to dance together, She and I. And getting better at it.

I’m learning to know and trust where She will take me, even as I don’t see where we are going.

Learning to discipline my mind, when it wants to take me into fear and doubt.

I’m sure you know the feeling of being called to something; knowing there is something you are here for. But it just hasn’t clicked in – even though you have seen and felt the Majesty of your Soul. Even though right now you follow your heart and Soul. I have met and talked with many for whom this is true.

It’s how I’ve felt. For years. A seeker who has found her Soul, and still she wanders (and wonders).

Today, SHE offered a suggestion. It’s as though She shared “You know Me and trust Me, you get that our Light is Big, and you can’t see where we are going. Set some terms to make your journey easier by easing your mind.”

And with that the human me shifted from holding back – in fear, in reservation, in obstinance – to having to get really, really clear. The human me wants to fly on the wings of our Divinity – she truly does. Now with this agreement she says “I’m in, if you can promise these things.”

Promise that I will only carry my responsibility to You, and not that of others and the world as I’ve been apt to do.

Promise that wherever we go, I’ll have the support both physical and spiritual to do our thing.

Promise that we’ll be joyous and when that stops, we stop and re-group.

So we’ve agreed, SHE and I.


How about you? Let me know if you try the same, how it feels and how it works. I’d love to hear.



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