Sometime in the fall of last year I was envisioning the people I’m here to support and work with.

I don’t completely remember what inspired the moment but I closed my eyes and breathed. And opened myself to that engagement. To the mystery of what might come and the places it would take me and what that mystery would ask of me.

What I sensed was myself in a large room someplace in nature, with many large windows on 3 sides. Some with a view to sky and others with a view to trees. All views peaceful – expansive and grounding at the same time.

The room was large and conveyed warmth, sanctuary, comfort and peace. It felt as though there were many sitting arrangements – clusters for groups and quiet zones. Some outside, covered and protected from the elements but still a part of nature.

I felt myself in this room. Hopeful, expectant, at ease, comfortable and peaceful. And I just sat quietly.


It wasn’t long before I became aware of people approaching.

As one woman approached, it felt as thought she’d been climbing, nearly crawling, tired, worn down, seeking rest and refuge – sanctuary. A place to regain not her strength – because she was clearly strong to have arrived – but her vitality, confidence and renewed connection with her passion. She was made welcome.

Another woman approached because she’d been walking by and saw the room and was curious. It felt as though she’d come this way many times and never noticed this room. She was curious and intrigued, wondering what she’d find. She approached because she’d sensed possibilities in what she saw. Beauty, comfort, gathering. A space made for connection, safe and inviting. A place to land, be nurtured, to look out toward the expanse and look within for where she’d head next.

And the last woman was a delight to witness. She came through the trees. Direct. As though she was meant to come. She came quietly, finding the outdoor seating as though it was there just for her, she put her feet up and soaked in all the space, land and place had to offer.


I was so delighted by these three, come to join me in this place of nurturance and sanctuary.

Over the months I’d visit and find them there. Enjoying the place and moment.

Last month when I visited, the grand room was filled with so many women. Some in lovely conversation, laughing and joyful. Others on the periphery enjoying community but to themselves.

I wondered, as I went about my daily life, why I hadn’t yet met these women in my ‘real’ life.

On my next visit, I observed with fresh eyes, in hopes of ‘seeing’ the answer.


Here’s what I know: the room is my business, my work – both what I’m here to share with the world and the feeling-tone of who I am. And the women have gathered to receive what is offered in full measure.

I did not know when I first wrote my Deepening Grace offering that it was my invitation to the women in the room. In fact my first written draft was a clumsy attempt to capture the essence of a feeling, a knowing.

I have grown comfortable with the room, the women and why it is that Deepening Grace is a spiritual sanctuary experience.


Each woman has come for what sanctuary represents to them – nurturance, safety, connection, peace, possibility, expansion.


They receive exactly what they most need on the inner levels and in their heart. AND they receive what they need in the grounded physical world as support toward their heart’s desires.


I treasure that I can see and feel how this mystery is unfolding to this point.

I am grateful to know that I have offered and you have answered. On the inner levels.

Do you feel you’ve been invited? Do you suspect you are in the room with me?

If so, please do be in touch for a conversation. I am ready and waiting.


Photo credit: Nik MacMillan

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