We all have dreams for our life.

And we all want to experience them lived out to their fullest.


Or do we?

The actual nitty-gritty, day-to-day of living isn’t a smooth path. For anyone.

And when the path turns bumpy there are so many different ways of responding to the bumps.

Many of us choose to create a good life. We use the challenges to become stronger. We live through the ups and downs and look to what we are grateful for.

Life may not look just like our dream but it has its riches. The downs have helped us to learn to cherish life in its various ins and outs with a tenderness and appreciation.

So while we may not have our dream, we can and do appreciate the life we have. We acknowledge our blessings.

It’s right at this lovely place, in the acknowledgement of our good life, that we often unwittingly (and unconsciously) make the choice to love our good life.

It isn’t our dream. But it’s good. So we rationalize our way to what we believe is acceptance. Because it’s GOOD.

That’s exactly where the trap of the good life has ensnared you – so many of us.

Because, in truth, you haven’t accepted, you’ve settled.

Life is meant to be a journey to BLISS. Profound joy, deep peace, excitement and eagerness for what’s to unfold next.

A life that will surely have its down times, lived with sadness, yes, but also grace.

A life lived to its fullest is so much more than ‘the good life,’ it’s a life that reaches for miracles and makes them happen.

Don’t you think?


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