A Session of Grace

Support for the tension between where you are and where your Soul calls you to.

A Session of Grace is soul work to clear the path before you in exactly the right way for what you most need and desire right now.

90 minutes to shift your perspective, open up new possibilities, clarify your direction and give you greater focus towards truly living your highest potential.

For entrepreneurs, leaders and creatives on their Spiritual path, who care about living a Soul-aligned life

Each of us is here to express our unique Soul gifts with those who most need what we have.

No matter where you are on your Spiritual journey to living the life you most desire, there will be times you could use a hand and a heart to get you past the bumps in the road.

Whether it’s:

Struggling with stepping into your authentic power due to doubt, over-whelm or self-judgement.

Feeling frustrated because you can’t seem to keep the good feeling or easy flow.

Seeking a clarity re-boot to move forward in total alignment to serve in the highest way possible.

Wrestling with your personal struggle (aka depression, family dynamics, burn-out etc.) that leaves you feeling like opportunities are passing you by.

A Session of Grace is exactly that hand and heart on your journey.

When you experience Grace:

You feel your authentic power clearing the way and lighting your path with courage, confidence and possibility.

You know how to focus your energy and direct your energy and actions to keep you flowing in ease and joy.

Your direction and purpose are clarified and amplified gaining greater vision for expanded possibilities.

You shift and anchor in a new perspective to harvest the wisdom and power inherent in your personal struggles.

We can’t help but experience tension on our Soul path.

You know, that tension between where you are and where your Soul calls you to – between your life now which is safe but so unsatisfying, and your Soul’s invitation to a full-hearted, fulfilling life?

It’s that exact tension, between where you are and where you want to be, that we diffuse and unwind in A Session of Grace, so that you feel the peace, power and possibility in your Soul’s path.

A Session of Grace takes all the disjointed, disconnected and disparate thoughts and feelings you have, and brings them into a pattern and coherence you will feel and understand.

You feel a clarity and motivation that you carry out to the areas of your life where you most want to make change.

And you will know the power of what it is to be truly and deeply seen with unconditional love and acceptance.

Laser beam compassion and clarity
Judith gave me the most brilliant insight on how to run my life (and business) from a place of peace and power. One that I'd never considered before.
L'Erin Alta
Sister Fire

During our 90 minutes together

Investment $300

I will listen to your Soul’s truth, with deep acceptance and love, and address your deepest concerns, questions and desires.

You will come to a clearer sense of what you want and need, and how to take the steps to get there.

If you are willing, you will be funded with an energy to take the leap you’ve been holding back on.

And, of course, the call will be recorded.

Get the support and enhancement you long for on your Soul's path.

An exploration with Judith and deep connection with myself
What a delight to explore with Judith, a beautiful open space with complete freedom of expression... no template or process to be processed, in which my deepest self could be felt, and appreciated. This was a rich and affirming experience.
Pauline Esson
Thank you for my soul mastery session with you

It was both illuminating and confirming of my yearning to be fully expressed in this life. I am deeply appreciative of the time we spent together.

Since my session, I have really connected with the knowing that my soul’s mastery is “Joy”! …How lovely and liberating that feels. I am asking myself on a daily basis, “How does this resonate with the frequency of Joy?”It has become my inner guidance and calibration.

I loved being in the space with you. Your exquisite loving presence, gentle probing questions and insightful clarification was so nurturing and empowering. In that moment with you, I felt seen as the essence of my soul and spirit…. I still feel it.
Dr. Sally Rundel
Leadership Coach, Facilitator & Energy Practitioner

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