Soul. Aligned. Action.

That sums it up.

Three words to express not just what you desire, but how you live.

Three simple words to express why you find me here. It’s what I see in you – your Soul light. It’s what I support you to. It’s what I desire for the planet.

Soul. Aligned. Action. To follow your passion and your heart, and take the full light of you out into the world.

Each of us is here to ignite the light within us and take it out into the world in its full brightness.

I work with Soul-led leaders and creatives:

Who seek support at a Soul level to get comfortable with claiming who you are, in all your light.

Who truly desire to hold their Soul’s vision, in such a way that it creates the conditions for that vision to become a real, tangible experience in your life to serve others.

Who are ready for support to implement or grow your Soul’s vision and move beyond the obstacles, fears and indecision that have kept you stuck and small, and your light dim.

I see the Soul potential in people, and the path to realize it. Let’s create your way to take your gift into the world with Soul-aligned action in your life – body, money, relationship and work.


You seek to claim the full potential of your Soul to create the life you desire for yourself and the world – with grace, ease and true Soul-aligned action.


You sense greater possibility and potential is available to you and are ready to be seen, understood and supported as you call forth and work with all the resources your Soul brings to bear.


You are living your Soul’s purpose and would welcome support from someone who truly sees you, your Soul gifts and your potential – to amplify your ability to express it in the world, in your business, projects or programs in a Soul-aligned way.

To work with me, begin here:

A Session of Grace

90 minutes to shift your perspective, open up new possibilities, clarify your direction and give you greater focus towards truly living your highest potential.

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Deepening Grace, a spiritual sanctuary experience

Deepening Grace is that space in time where you can be safely seen as you never have been before, where your purpose is clarified and where you are empowered to live the highest vision of your Soul.

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I desire a world of people in relationship with their Soul, who know and practice the amazing potential of the Divine expressed through their life, consciously and with devotion.

Because when we do, we will create un-imagined possibilities where we only see impossible problems today.

The personal bits

In the beginning, I was born in El Paso, Texas and didn’t really leave until I went to college. I’m Hispanic, lived in the poor part of town, went to an all-girls high school and surprised the Sister teaching World Religions when I told her I believed in reincarnation and heaven on Earth. No reason, it just felt right.

Then came a BA in Business, a Masters in Public Affairs and several jobs in non-profits and government affairs as I sought to make a difference. I also met the love of my life.

Still searching, with partners I founded an integrated marketing and branding company just as the internet started to become the hot thing. I learned I was gifted at seeing to the core of people and businesses. Started a family. Learned what it’s like to have two self-employed parents through two doozy recessions.

Today, I’m building a company around my gift and my guidance. I’m aware I’m claire-cognizant and can see your Soul fully expressed; humbling and miraculous. Loving my family and learning to live with two teenage boys, and a not-yet-teenage daughter.

Still growing, learning and walking my path.

Please feel free to reach out to me via email, or send me a message on Facebook.

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