It’s time to stop the wanting-hoping-healing merry-go-round.

More than anything you want to feel you are living your brightest light.

The joy. The ease. The lightness.

The childlike excitement and knowing that you can, and you ‘are’, and so you do anything.

The magic of your hands in the essence of life moulding into form your heart’s desires.

Seeing what is hoped-for blossom into being, for those who experience your gift or service.


Your Soul has whispered to your heart so you know, in your unique way of knowing, the promise of what it is to live your brightest and biggest self.

You’ve heard the call because you’ve embraced your inner journey and emerged from your personal challenges stronger and wiser.

You know your Soul’s promise is yours to step into. Yours to claim. Yours to weave into creation.

And for all the work you’ve done toward your healing and all you’ve done to transform what’s held you back, your brightest self remains only a promise of possibility.


Your Soul does not judge you. But sometimes, secretly, you do.

Because you’ve tried to take your gift into the world. Starting, planning and still, stopping short. Compromising yourself for one more day.

So you continue on the merry-go-round of healing, sometimes feeling hopeful and other times feeling the sheer frustration of wanting so badly – but not knowing exactly how to go from where you are to where you want to be.


It’s time to shift your energy
from using your innate power and wisdom for the healing and transformation that have been essential to your inner growth

to using your innate power and wisdom to contribute your gift with action, love and joy.

Because you are ready now.

Join me for Brightest Light, my 6 month Soul mentorship.

It is intimate, practical and Soul-wise support to propel you out of the wanting-hoping-healing cycle that has served to raise your consciousness and reveal your inner wealth.

When you step out of that cycle you step into the dynamic of using your personal power to create, contribute, implement and live your Soul path.


You have all the resources within you – the skills, the experience and the Soul connection.

And you know it.


It is time for you to get support to leverage all of what is within you, so that you go from wanting your brightest life to bringing that life into your lived experience.

…the courage to put myself out in the world and shine my light.

I had no idea I wanted or could grow my business to the level it is today. Judith has an amazing gift of being able to see your vision before you can. Her words of support and wisdom felt like she was taking me under her wing and making me feel safe again and it gave me the courage to put myself out in the world and shine my light.
Lauren Johnston

Intuitive Coach


I’m Judith Manriquez and I know you are ready to step into the fullness of your joy and your Soul’s path.

I know because I’ve been where you are for way longer than I ever imagined I’d be.

My path has not been very different from yours. I’ve made my mark in the conventional work world. Disillusioned and sucked dry, I stepped into entrepreneurship. I entered the millennium with a thriving business on the cutting-edge of web development and marketing while juggling two young sons. I believed the challenge of growing a family and company, and the accomplishment of helping others to reach their goals, was enough to fill me.

Right when work was feeling purposeless, the market crashed, the company crumbled and the inner work for self-discovery amped up, making the inner work I’d been doing seem like child’s play.


You know how when you begin your inner journey in earnest, you don’t really know it until much later?

It’s just a fumbling and stumbling through life. Unanchored. Seeking. Desperate because the physical parts of life – money, health, relationship, work – are miserable. And the inner-self is a riotous mess of smack-talk.

Through an act of grace my teachers and mentors appeared. I learned to find my power, my worth, my value. And most importantly I connected with my Soul and Soul gifts.

You know this because you’ve lived your version.

We’ve made our way when there wasn’t ‘a’ way. Now those coming after have more help. Have an easier way with more support and more acceptance for personal and Soul growth.

Now it’s time for the next part of your journey.

You have a unique gift to contribute and a Soul path to walk. I don’t need to convince you – you know it.

And, no, there isn’t ‘a’ way.

We’ve never been here before. Where self-awareness is going mainstream, and spirit and energy work is an emerging industry.

We are laying the foundation for the impossible to become possible. We are reaching a hand out and back to help those who are coming along to step higher and lift us all up.

And I know my Soul gifts and practical know-how can support you to make YOUR way. That’s what Brightest Light is meant to do.

Take my hand. Let’s get going. Together.

Judith added a vital piece of the puzzle for me and my mastery in the world.

The insights that have arrived as I’ve integrated Judith’s powerful gifts have loosened up the movement on a new project that was feeling stalled. I really can’t say enough about Judith’s presence, energy and wisdom.
Nona Jordan

I invite you to work with me toward your Brightest Light. When you do you get:

Support to break-out of the cycle you’re in so you can make real, tangible progress toward what you really want.

Someone you can look to to ease the overwhelm of indecision and doubt, reconnecting you to your wisdom and power.

A personalized, Soul-crafted approach based on where you are and where you want to go – providing you the just-right structure for you to feel progress and alignment.

A true mentorship to move you from seeker to master, engaging your Soul, your experience and your gift to take action and implement precisely what you have felt called to.

Six months, one call every other week, email check-ins, and wide-open reach-out-to-me access for when you need it.

Laser beam compassion and clarity

Judith gave me the most brilliant insight on how to run my life (and business) from a place of peace and power. One that I’d never considered before.

Since then, I’ve able to shift my energy and step more fully into my mastery without compromising my integrity or presence. So much gratitude. xx

L'Erin Alta

Sister Fire

It’s hard to believe 6 months is enough time…

Depending on what you want to accomplish it’s possible that it may not be enough time.

What I do know from all my work is that taking the first step or two is often the hardest because it requires shifting perspective, integrating new energy, and getting comfortable with new actions.

When you commit with me, six months is enough time to get you moving so you see and feel the difference in your life. Often, that makes all the difference.

And if you want more time, we can always continue working together.


Do you have a program or process you follow?

I do not have a hard-and-fast structure or process because each person has different needs that come up at different times. Also a big part of what we are doing together is constructing for you something that doesn’t come with an instruction manual.

What I do know is that you will very likely move through two core threads for growth: harmonizing or refining your inner/spiritual power, and strengthening and engaging your external power. When people already have a strong relationship with their Soul, work related to fourth through seventh chakra power – emotions, will, mind and divinity – is about refinement. It is the work with second and third chakra power and issues (relationship, money, self-esteem, shame) that are most uncomfortable and tend to ask for closer attention to get you implementing your dreams and Soul guidance.

Do you take payment plans?

Yes. Happily.


Is this for people who have their own business or does that matter?

You can have a business or not. Want to start one or not. What’s more important is that you have something (idea, service, product) that you really feel compelled to get into the world – because you are called to uplift others. You may want support getting started or to stop floundering with something already begun.

Investment $5,500 

We begin with a conversation. So you get a sense for how I work. And we can both see if we are a fit.

Let's get you on your way so that you go from wanting your brightest life to living your Brightest Light.

We begin with a call to see if we are a fit.

Judith hears what I don’t say and sees what I can’t see.

Even more, she feels/senses on my behalf in ways that are both mysterious and miraculous. Then she reflects it all back – in the most wise and loving of ways. When I heard, saw, and felt what she knows, my vision became clearer, my perspective focused, and my heart expanded – for my business, my life, my very soul.

To be witnessed in this way and to then step forward with that as guiding principle and compelling motivation changes everything. I cannot recommend Judith or her work highly enough.

Ronna Detrick

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