Deepening Grace

A spiritual sanctuary experience

As a soul-led person, you’ve chosen to live by your inner wisdom, intuition and instinct.

You’ve learned that Soul-led living is inherently different from everything you’ve learned in the past.

Because it calls you to trust in yourself at all times, against society’s norms, and it often feels contrary to what seems logical (or sane).

And exactly because you are leading with your Soul it can feel like your path and your trust in yourself is constantly challenged in a mind-happy, mind-focused world.

You know – the one that encourages formulas to success and promotes ‘proven’ techniques that constantly suggest their way is better, faster, richer than yours.

After a while it leaves you feeling:

Tired and unsupported. So weary and worn down by walking your path – in a way that others don’t understand. And while they mean well, their support is hollow and their advice is veiled judgement.

Doubt in your ability to create the outcomes you desire. Exactly because there isn’t a formula or a ‘proven way’ when following your inner wisdom – you wonder, doubt or question if you’ve done it right, made the correct choice, or if you heard your true wisdom. Because your way doesn’t take you to what you set out for, in the the way you desired or as fast as you wished or intended.

Imagine if you could step into a space of time where you are held in safety and love to be all of your Soul?

Where you are seen, supported and understood so completely that you feel your Soul’s purpose breathed completely into being around you.

Where instead of tired you feel boundless optimism, opportunity and energy to walk your path, change lives, and create even more than you imagine possible.

Where instead of doubt you feel a certainty in your choices and a confidence in the creative perfection of your Soul.

Deepening Grace is that space in time where you can be safely seen as you never have been before, where your purpose is clarified and where you are empowered to live the highest vision of your Soul.

Deepening Grace is an experience of sanctuary like no other.

It’s profound safety, to be you. Supported. Seen. Encouraged.

It’s time, and energy in the spirit realms, set aside for special use. For you to become comfortable with your Soul’s full vision. To know your path and purpose. To expand into it fully.

And when you’re ready, it’s support for your empowered action.

Deepening Grace is for you if:

You’ve come through a crisis, a big change in your life or a transition and you’re ready to get clear and comfortable with your Soul’s path going forward in the new normal. You’d appreciate clarity of purpose, validation of your gifts and path, and support with ideas and implementation.

You’re feeling like your Soul’s calling is bigger and more insistent than you have been able to create in your work and life. You feel like you’re not going fast enough or big enough to create the dream your Soul longs to realize. You’d appreciate help hearing, understanding, honoring and implementing your Soul’s guidance, in a practical, tangible way.

You’re confident, accomplished and comfortable with your power. But you’ve come to realize that you’re not truly tapping your full potential. The colleagues and mentors who’ve stretched you in the past aren’t able to touch the right chord for you now. You’d appreciate someone who sees in you that exact something others haven’t been able to see and the support to bring it into form and practice in your life.

You’ve stepped into your 30’s – ambitious, passionate and with a vision to create a better world with your piece of the puzzle. You get that you are walking your unique path and it’s comfortable for you. It’s the personal struggles like anxiety, parent and family issues, or depression, that slow you down and pull you off course. Others suggest mindset work, but deep down you know it’s really about Soul up-leveling work. You’d appreciate Soul-support to move through and clear the personal stuff, with someone who’s grounded, ‘real’ and can keep up with you.

My biggest hurdle was putting myself out into the world and feeling confident that it would represent who I am. The technical pieces seemed overwhelming and out of my reach. Judith immediately was able to put my mind at ease. It was obvious that she had my best interests at heart. She has a gift of explaining complicated things in a simplistic, easy and fun way. Judith is creative, always willing to help and joyfully easy to work with. She has a wealth of knowledge that she happily shares with others. I am grateful to have worked with her and recommend anyone to do so.
Dr. Asha Prasad

Your heart’s invited to
Deepening Grace

Three months of sanctuary where your desires, dreams, and aspirations are seen, heard and focused through the highest expression of your Soul, amplifying your clarity, melting your uncertainties and connecting you with the power of your Soul as you bring them to life.

You will not be left in the intangible spiritual realm, but together, we will create the tangible, practical application of your Souls wisdom to create and bring into form your heart’s desires.

May your mind be eased by the details

When we begin working together, I create a field of grace to support the expression of your Truest Self. This field, funded and backed by the combined energy of our Souls and High Selves, is active during our entire engagement to support you deeply in all areas of your life.

Change, growth and transformation happen at a Soul and energetic level. But I know how important it is to speak to the mind and give it the work it needs to keep up with, and support, the changes happening on the inner levels.

When we begin work together, we define a focus and set an outcome, for what you most desire for growth or release. This is something I’m attending to during our whole time together, not just our calls. And I reach out to you as I receive more information on your behalf.

This is a three month engagement with bi-weekly calls; 7 sessions in total. In addition, I am available to you via email and text throughout the entire engagement.


Investment $2000 

Get the support and enhancement you long for on your Soul's path.

A Shift on my Very Axis

45 minutes with Judith added a vital piece of the puzzle for me and my mastery in the world. The insights that have arrived as I've integrated Judith's powerful gifts have loosened up the movement on a new project that was feeling stalled. I really can't say enough about Judith's presence, energy and wisdom.
Nona Jordan
Judith hears what I don't say and sees what I can't see. Even more, she feels/senses on my behalf in ways that are both mysterious and miraculous. Then she reflects it all back - in the most wise and loving of ways. When I heard, saw, and felt what she knows, my vision became clearer, my perspective focused, and my heart expanded - for my business, my life, my very soul.

To be witnessed in this way and to then step forward with that as guiding principle and compelling motivation changes everything. I cannot recommend Judith or her work highly enough.
Ronna Detrick

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