I never imagined I’d be here.

I’ve walked a pretty wild path.

I started with a business degree and went to a masters in public affairs and then a start at running a city.

To non-profits to my own marketing and web development company in the dot com era.

To  3 kids, self-employment, 2 recessions and a journey to self and soul discovery that led me to my own path as a Soul Mastery guide.

To right here, right now, with Beautycounter.



I’m starting down a new and beautiful path with Beautycounter because this company speaks to me heart, soul and conscience. Because:

  • Beautycounter has voluntarily chosen to run their business by the highest standards of a B Corp. That means they make choices beyond profit, so that they consider the planet, the ecology, their people and the long-term footprint they have in the world.


  • Beautycounter is absolutely committed to safer, cleaner products for everyone. Again, it’s their choice since so many toxic products are allowed in our personal care products that are known to cause cancer, infertility and hormone disruption.


  • Beautycounter wants to educate and advocate one person at a time, at the neighborhood level as well as the legislative level. In so doing, they have empowered individual women and men with their own businesses on their own terms.


  • Beautycounter cares about and represents everything I care about – following your passion, living your Soul, caring for the planet, creating opportunities for others, thinking way beyond the short-term, committing to something bigger than self-interest and sharing the wealth generously.


Really, the question is, why wouldn’t I stand with Beautycounter?

Are you ready to join me?

Because if you want to learn more or build a business with Beautycounter with me, I’d love to have you.

Beautycounter Business Builder

How to order Beautycounter products

The very best way to order these products is as a Band of Beauty Member.

(Unless you already know you want to become a consultant, in which case you should reach out to me directly so we can discuss what makes the most sense for you based on what you want your Beautycounter business to do for you.)

Why do I recommend Band of Beauty?
  • You get a 15% product credit on every order that you can use on future orders
  • You get free shipping on orders over $100
  • You get a free gift when you sign up with a $50 order – this changes up but they are always excellent
  • You get special offers that are only available to you as a Band of Beauty Member – that even consultants don’t get!
  • And it’s only $29 per year
  • Here’s the link to get started as a Band of Beauty Member.
Are you wondering which products to start with? I did!

The products I’m recommending here are all products I’ve tried personally.
And products are backed by a 60-day return policy.

To ensure Beautycounter products work beautifully without compromising safety, they developed a rigorous Ingredient Selection Process. In this process, they handpick the best, safest ingredients for their products and reject everything else, including the more than 1,500 questionable or harmful ingredients they will never use when formulating products.

If you are under 40
The Nourishing collection is for you

If you are over 40
You’ll appreciate the Rejuvenating line

This is a great Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash and Body Lotion to start with if you don’t have any unique hair needs. It will get you into safer, cleaner products for your body and hair

If you have kids or want to give your grandkids something good for them, the Kid Collection is perfect. (There’s also a no-tear Baby Wash, if you are looking for that.)

If you have any questions at all just ask in the Facebook group or email me directly at me @ judithmanriquez. com.

What’s a Social and why shop with a Social?

A Social is a party hosted by someone who is introducing their friends to the Beautycounter mission and products.

I hold in-person and online socials.

When you shop as a part of the social, the host receives credit toward discounts and gifts.

When you visit my Beautycounter website, you’ll see you have the option to shop a Social in the drop down right beneath my photo.

Why not make someone’s day with a random act of kindness and shop a social today?


Do you want to host a social? Click here to let me know and I’ll be in touch!

Join my Facebook group Live the Beauty Within.

Join my list. Text JudithM to 444999.

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