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Your one-to-one Soul-led business is your heart’s calling and true love, except…


You wish it were easier to take time off and not worry about the money you’re not making.

You’ve been looking for some way to add to your nest egg to weather the slower times or invest in your latest dream project.

You’ve gotten into a rut with your work only you haven’t figured out how to break out since your business is your livelihood.


I get that there’s no question you love what you do.

Only now you’re ready to create more. More income, probably. But more likely it’s because you want more ease, joy and flow.


It’s not that you don’t know what to do. You do. For the most part.

But for any number of reasons you’re not making the forward movement you want to be making.

Maybe the growth you want has been a priority intention and you start at it, only to lose momentum year after year.

Maybe you have the ideas but fall into overwhelm when you try to figure out where to start, so you end up doing what you’ve been doing and looking for some way to get past the overwhelm.

Maybe all the options that appear to be available to you to get where you want to go just don’t resonate and you aren’t able to see what else you could do to create the growth (or change) you desire.

Maybe it’s the business-side of your service based business – you know, the marketing, social media or tech, pricing, offers and web stuff – that makes you cringe so you can’t imagine growing what you do want while dealing with what you don’t like.

And on top of it all, you’re tired of growth being hard, stressful, and an over-all rocky road so you’ve been willing to settle with the good you have now.

You don’t have to any more.

If you have something like any one of these playing out for you, there is a way out of overwhelm, decision-paralysis, self-doubt and stress, toward consistent forward momentum.

With the Leverage Mentorship, you get the personal hands on help to begin making the tangible, tactical and implementable steps toward the growth you so desire, while still remaining true to your Soul-led path.


And best of all, you create growth with ease, joy and in flow.


That’s what Leverage is all about.

The Leverage Mentorship is designed to help create the more you want with ease, joy and in alignment with your Soul.

The Leverage Mentorship will take you from making due with the stress and overwhelm that’s a part of doing the work you love to building sustainable, forward momentum toward what you most want. 

And we’ll do it in alignment with you and why you went into business for yourself – making a difference by helping others.

The Leverage Mentorship is my heart-work to help more 1:1 Soul-led business owners like you create the easy, joyful growth you deserve. When you join you can look forward to:

There’s no need to grow it alone. You have my personalized attention and 20+ years of marketing and branding expertise growing and promoting businesses, all focused on your business growth, your money growth and your personal dreams.

You get going faster, save time and do more with the time and resources you do have with dedicated, personalized one-on-one calls.

You get practical, down-to-earth business mentoring supported by heart-centered, soul-led coaching which means I won’t let you get overwhelmed with decision-paralysis OR let you slide into limiting beliefs and patterns that keep you small.

If you aren’t in the social and digital communication age, we’ll get you there without stress and anxiety and if you are there, we’ll up your game and streamline things to free your time and free your mind.

You enjoy when-you-need-it support by me and your Leverage Mentorship colleagues for encouragement, inspiration and moral support for the inevitable hiccups of life and business.

The priceless benefit and joy of connecting with, learning from and growing with like-minded and like-hearted women.

Bottom-line: you get the support to seamlessly take what you’ve built in your business and use it to grow toward what you want most in your life.

So, do you want to grow your income to free you from your dependence on trading time for money? Or do you want less stress and more ease? Or would you rather greater security and flexibility?

That you want growth is all that matters.

And it’s as easy as scheduling a call to see if this is what you’ve been looking for.

I’m Judith Manriquez and I want to see you reach for all you’ve dreamed of and more.

Over the last 20+ years in my business I’ve helped businesses of all kinds with marketing, coaching and business growth, and have learned that Soul-led entrepreneurs in the personal services field have their own unique set of challenges when it comes to growing a business that gives them freedom, security and joy.

Many find their reward in the work they do and are willing to make the exchange and accept the income ceiling they believe is the norm for Soul-led work. For others their calling is one-on-one work, either because that’s how it needs to be shared or how they prefer it, so they see limited possibilities.

And when it comes to growing – income, security, or freedom – they’ve become accustomed to things being just a bit harder precisely because they are Soul-led and sharing their work 1:1.

But you don’t have to settle for harder.

You can create the growth you seek with ease, joy and in alignment.

It’s all about leverage. Leveraging what you’ve built so far, where you’ve come from and, most especially, your Soul alignment.

I know my mentorship can help you get where you most want to be faster and with greater ease and joy. It makes all the difference when you have support from someone who cares about you the way you care about others. That’s what the Leverage Mentorship gives you.

Judith has the talent of streamlining my many ideas and thoughts. She hones in and brings clarity, which results into a clear and doable action plan, an action plan that resonates with my mind, heart, and soul.

Judith is more than a business mentor. She masters the art of honoring the whole person…body, mind and soul. With her pragmatic mind, her loving heart, and her art of honoring I continue to soar!

Gloria Boysal

Owner, Gloria's Connecting

Judith offers a potent mix of crystal clarity presence, deep listening, wise questioning, glorious warmth, humour and heart, and a remarkable ability to hone directly to the truth of me, and what I’m here for.

She’s super practical too! I feel seen and heard, sharply focused, and expanded too as I move forward in my business and life.

Judith is a rare gift. If you’re looking for mastery of your purpose, I can’t recommend Judith highly enough.

Tricia Karp

Owner, Powerful Speaking

What you get when you join

  • A ‘start smart‘ planning & strategy call to make the most of when and how you sign up.
  • Twelve weeks of one-on-one calls to get you moving, creating new habits and keep you growing. After that, you decide what you most need to keep you on track.
  • Weekly team calls for growth, connection, motivation and fresh ideas.
  • Invitations to members-only events like roundtable discussions and guest experts for training, personal development and energy work.
  • Exclusive access to the Leverage Mentorship community.

Your investment

I am inviting you to join as an inaugural member for the opening 6 months of the Leverage Mentorship.

The first three inaugural members will self-determine their investment fee during our initial conversation. Which means it will be pay-what-you-can for the initial 6 months. All pay-what-you-can slots are filled.

Additional members will pay $149 per month for 6 months.

I recognize that the value given greatly exceeds what I’m asking but I’ve set it up so that the founders get the best price. After the first 8 join, the price will go up for future participants.

Steps to get started

We begin with a call so I can learn your goals and we see if this is a good fit for both of us.

Click the Let’s Get Going! button below and you’ll be able to set up a time to talk. When you schedule, I have a questions so I’ll be super prepared when we talk.

There is no payment or financial commitment until we’ve talked and you are ready to start.

Are you ready for the Leverage Mentorship and what it will do for you and your business?

It’ll take you from the limitations you’ve assumed you need to live with to leveraging what you’ve built in your business into more revenue, happier clients and less stress than you imagined possible.


Ready to say yes?

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a good fit for Leverage Mentorship?

You will get the most from the Leverage Mentorship if you have an existing personal services business and live a Soul-led life.

Some fields include: coaches, intuitives, energy workers, wellness practitioners like yoga instructors, acupuncturists, massage therapists or naturopaths. Also lawyers, accountants, photographers, web designers. Anyone with an interest in the wellbeing of our collective humanity. Women with a business background, inventing the way for their passion work.

How much time do I need to commit to this?

The time you put into the Leverage Mentorship is up to you. However, what you get when you sign on with me is a customized plan where we get clear on your goals, how quickly you want to hit them and what it will take to do it. The bare minimum I would suggest you aim for is 5-7 hours a week, knowing that the more you can put to it the faster you’ll grow.

Is this just for women?

I’m currently focusing on supporting women. That may change in the future.

Is this available internationally?

Yes, it is.

What if I don’t have a business but I’m interested?

You do not need to have a business to work with me in the Leverage Mentorship. You only have to want to build a business and be in alignment with your highest good. I’m happy to help you grow a business and reach your dreams.

I love Judith’s approach on education and selling products! She’s changing the old model of direct sales into something creative and innovative. And, the whole business concept of Beautycounter is super cool.

Lauren Johnston

Owner, Lauren Johnston Intuitive Life Coaching

Are you ready for the Leverage Mentorship and what it will do for you and your business?

It’ll take you from the limitations you’ve assumed you need to live with to leveraging what you’ve built in your business into more revenue, happier clients and less stress than you imagined possible.


Ready to say yes?

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