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The number one way you derail your Inner Wisdom

I'm one fourth of the way into a personal 2-year journey of living from my Heart. That means that as often as I can, I check in and make a deliberate connection with my Heart, my Inner Wisdom. And then set out to follow that guidance. To be clear, I've not known how...

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Let me tell you the story of your blessing

Maybe you've been through a huge life upheaval, like me, where your relationships, your home, your work and even your health have been tumbled around so dramatically that it's no longer recognizable. Maybe life's just been a constant pressure - emotionally,...

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Listen to your music

Listen. The universe is a symphony. Every piece of creation - you, me, the stars, the animals - all an instrument in the orchestra playing the most perfect and beautiful music. You are playing your part perfectly. All of life around you harmonizing to your tune....

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Bigger list = touching more lives = more value = NOT TRUE

One of the things I teach is that our value comes from and through the expression of our Soul quality. But I got a bit side-tracked this week while I've been eager and excited to produce an article and recording. It was eye opening and liberating to discover something...

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We are not all here to be of service

Lately I've become aware of a false assumption/expectation in my thinking and being. By this I mean that humming away almost un-noticeably in the background I've had this assumptions/expectation that has been influencing and coloring my thinking about my work and how...

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On starting something new

In meditation today, I sensed/saw a place of rest. Like an opening at the end of trail with a bench for resting. I know that before me is a new path. New. As in so foreign to my being that it feels as though all that has gone before is useless, empty, not helpful. I...

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One fear you hadn’t considered

I'm afraid. Or more accurately, I feel fear. It rises up from my stomach and lodges right beneath my rib cage. I'm no stranger to fear. I've faced plenty. My or my daughter's death when two months shy of being born she presents with a heart arrhythmia. When my mom...

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When the problem isn’t with your business

I have spoken with so many beautifully gifted business women who at present do not have a thriving business, like they have had in the past or as they have strived to create. These are women who have professional websites, social media know-how and presence, email...

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