If you’ve made it to this page then there’s something that’s caught your eye or got you curious about starting a Beautycounter business for yourself.

And I bet you have a few reservations too.

I’ve put together this page to share information, answer questions and invite you to consider joining me.

I’m always available to answer your questions live and over the phone or video. Until then, I hope you find what you’re looking for.



I have to start with values because what a company stands for matters

Beautycounter was started by a mom who learned that the personal care products she was using for herself and her family were not only not safe, but in many cases were harmful.

Beautycounter was her way of making the world a better place, not only for her kids but for everyone.

Beautycounter is committed to health and safety standard that go well beyond what’s required by U.S. law. They’ve banned the use of more than 1,500 questionable or harmful chemicals linked to cancer, hormone disruption, reproductive toxicity, skin irritation, cumulative exposure risk and other hazards —all while ensuring their products perform and that they’re as indulgent as any other product on the market.

Beautycounter believes that business should be a tool for positive change so they’ve chosen to be certified as a B Corp. This means they are part of leading a global movement to redefine success in business by voluntarily meeting higher standards of transparency, accountability, and performance.

What makes a Beautycounter business a good choice

Flexibility –  Beautycounter fits into your life the way you need and want it to. If you only have a couple of hours per month or want to ‘go full-time’, it’s up to you to decide. To remain a consultant you only need to sell about $1200 over 6 months.

Easy to begin – It’s only $85 to become a consultant. You do not need to purchase product or maintain an inventory. However, there are excellent start-up offers to make it easier to get going with product.

Financially rewarding – The commission on sales is 25% with additional bonuses and commissions on your team. If your goal is to build a 6 figure business, you can reach that goal easily if you are willing to put in the time.

Well supported – Beautycounter has extensive online training materials and videos on the product as well as the environmental and safety standards. Also, they have regular live and video training for business building, product training, and team building.

Growth potential – Beautycounter was founded in 2013 and has experienced amazing growth, only recently expanding into Canada. As we all become more aware of the impact of environmental toxins, we will see even greater demand for cleaner, safer products from a trusted company.

Heart-centered – Mission matters to Beautycounter. It really is all about safer products in the hands of everyone. They do it one person at a time and they get involved in making, changing and influencing regulations at the federal level in the US. And they give back by supporting these non-profits: the Environmental Working Group, Breast Cancer Prevention Partners and Healthy Child Healthy World.

Exceptional products – To round it all out, the products are amazing. High quality, exceptional performance and so easy to share.

This video of Beautycounter’s founder Gregg Renfrew is compelling.

Why would you sign up as a Beautycounter consultant with me?

First off, because I’m inviting you to consider it. Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. If you do this, I want you to be successful, in the way you want to be successful.

I’ve spent the last decade learning what it means to live our highest potential, and support people to live theirs. This is what I want for you. And if this feels like it could be your way, then let’s talk.

Also, I’m building out my own unique support structure to help anyone who signs up with me. Weekly coaching. Business strategy. Social media and tech training. And energy work. I believe in working smarter, not harder, and will use the systems and technology that helps get us there.


Let’s address some of your objections head on.

When I learned about Beautycounter I knew intuitively this was a right move for me, but that didn’t mean I didn’t have my own issues to work through. And I promise, I have been doing the work. Mine were along the lines of ‘beauty company?’ and direct sales which I cover below along with a few others.

I don’t have the experience. Not many of us do. However, you will join a team that supports you both at the larger corporate level with education and training. And at the personal level with me and other mentors who share openly. There isn’t much we start out knowing how to do in this life, but we learn. It’s so much easier when you are doing so with other like-minded people.

Sales? Really?! I can’t sell. We are all able to share what we are passionate about and do it all the time. That’s what sales is. But I agree, maybe you can not sell like someone else says you should. There are only certain people who are made to go out there and pound the pavement and make the sales. I know this. And when we discuss your interest together we’ll take a look at how you are naturally made to create and get what you desire, to see if the way you naturally work will get you what you want from this business.

MLMs or direct sales companies are ‘smarmy.’ Ok, I had this one. And I can’t tell you why exactly. Just that the idea felt icky. But I’ve done my research and Beautycounter offers a generous compensation plan. This model is basically one way to offer profit sharing. Bottom line: I’d like to be paid generously for the level of effort I invest in my work. I want this whether I’m getting a traditional paycheck or doing so within a commission and bonus structure. And since I can’t find anything smarmy about Beautycounter I’m re-writing this mis-belief.

Beauty products. Seriously? This was probably my biggest issue. I was completely unaware of the degree to which I discounted the ‘beauty industry.’ The beauty industry has historically been synonymous wth women. So at a deep level I was discounting the value of women as a class. Discounting myself. So let me help you re-write this: the beauty industry is the industry that we lump personal care products into (soaps, creams, hair care) – whether for men, women or children. It just is. But beauty? Beauty is universal and when you go deeply philosophical, it is the language of God (or Nature or the Universe). Beauty is what is birthed from the essence of our souls. So yes! Seriously, beauty.

Do you have another something that’s tripping you up? Reach out and let’s talk. My door is open.

Ready to join? Or have more questions?

Reach out to me the way that works best for you. Message me on Facebook. Text me at 512.657.5765. Or send me an email me @ judithmanriquez.com.

Have you already decided this is for you?

Beautiful, if you already know this is for you, go for it! And I’ll be in touch just as soon as you do, because the system will let me know.

My personal mission

I desire a world of people in relationship with their Soul, who know and practice the amazing potential of the Divine expressed through their life, consciously and with devotion.
Because when we do, we will create un-imagined possibilities where we only see impossible problems today.

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