As I sit down to write this I wonder who it is that I’m really writing for.

You see, I know I still have a really disparate group of readers and followers. There are those of you who know me from my local community and from the years I spent with my marketing company – and even a small few who know me when I was in public affairs.

And because you’ve met and worked with me you hold an open mind as you follow me in the work and writing I do now. Even though, as you’ve told me personally, you sometimes don’t fully ‘get it.’

And then there are those of you who know me for the one-on-one Soul work I do. Who are touched and moved and transformed by the writing that comes from my heart.

I suspect I write now to both groups of you, perhaps in an effort to bring you together, if not in physical fact, then at least in my mind, heart and sensibilities.

I am by nature a fundamentally practical person. I have walked on the edge of convention but stayed firmly grounded there in my life choices and work choices.

I got a business degree, imagined I’d play in some form of politics or government, worked in government affairs and marketing and web design. In my opinion, the only more conventional path might have been engineering, law or medicine.

As much as my nature is practical, it is also mystical. But the mystical side of me is more private. I have guarded this side of me for many reasons but mostly because so much of the world looks to the mystical with suspicion, derision, condemnation and-or superiority.

It’s just so much easier to reserve the mystical side of me for others who gently let it be known that they too have a mystical side.

It’s time for me to stop doing this.

I certainly have to stop filtering myself, my language, my presence, my engagement.

And you do too.

Here’s why:

Even as I’m expert at physical, tangible skills in life from marketing and messaging to business strategy and leadership development, I am equally expert in many aspects of the intangible realm of Spirit-energy. From communicating with my Soul and the higher realms, to working with Earth energies to working with and holding the energy of other peoples’ Soul path.

Here’s why:

Because I know if I put all of you in a room with me at least half of you will tell me immediately that you either practice or receive some similar form of spirit or energy work.

And for the other half of you, it will take me about 5 minutes to have you telling me how you too tap into the intangible wisdom part of you that can’t easily be explained by the rational mind.

Here’s why:

There’s so much fear and uncertainty and anger moving through the world right now.

And even so, every single one of us, who works with our Soul, who works with the Higher Realms, who practices energy work, who receives energy work, who listens to their inner Wisdom even when it seems crazy – every single one of us, is leading and holding positive change for this planet.

You do your Spirit work, your energy work, your Soul work, regardless if any one else knows. Regardless if anyone else acknowledges its value.

Because YOU know its value.

Now, let it be known, that I know.

And I call my friends, my readers, my followers to acknowledge quietly or openly, the tender service offered by so many who work in the realm of Spirit and energy.

I acknowledge you, I praise you, I thank you…

My colleague and friend, and so many like you, who by choice and calling not profession, works within the Earth energy grid and for the health of the spirit of Gaia.

My colleague and friend, and so many like you, who works with, and at the behest of, the Higher Realms to anchor higher vibrations of love, hope, peace and compassion on pressing issues of our time.

My colleague and friend, and so many like you, who talks with and works with Ascended Masters and Archangels so that you might be a clearer and truer vessel of Truth for those whose hearts seek peace and comfort.

My colleague and friend, and so many like you, who helps women access their own power and grace by showing them the power of breath, the gifts of the Earth and the wisdom within themselves.

My colleague and friend, and so many like you, who is every day improving herself so that you can do the work that shifts others out of self-defeating, limiting beliefs into vibrations that help them make choices and take actions toward their higher good.

I acknowledge each of you, for the positive change you are creating and holding for each of us and the planet.

I acknowledge you for your devotion, for your service that is not without pain, for your faith and trust in the love of the human spirit.

It is no small thing that you do, and I honor you.

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