May 6, 2020. After COVID-19 and as Texas begins to re-open.

I’ve been quiet these last few weeks as I feel for what’s next. There’s been adjusting, going within, and listening for my truth.

It’s certainly been an interesting time.

In December, when I was planning, I couldn’t see/feel past March and assumed it was because the work needed to evolve through choices made.

And look what’s taken place! We’ve come together – globally – in self-reflection and adjustment to what we are now learning is a new normal.

I feel and see patterns and possibilities. And this new normal leaves me so excited by the possibilities now available to us.

It’s as though the hopes and dreams of so many built up a tidal wave of pressure that broke through and washed over the land. And then, as they settled upon every heart and home, we’ve had to pause.

Please know, I’m fully aware that not everyone has paused and this too has contributed to the expansion of possibilities.

Because we paused, we’ve had the time – true, still, time – at a magnitude we’ve never had collectively. As a result, we’ve created a moment to SEE and FEEL in ways we never have before.

  • We are reconnecting to what matters individually and personally.
  • We are reflecting and acknowledging what we value that we where taking for granted or overlooking. Graduations/shared rituals, meals with friends in social settings, the comfort and safety of routines, the structure of schedules.
  • We are noticing that things that felt impossible before are truly possible. Like flexible, work-from-home opportunities, schooling from home, whole countries making choices for a collective good, cleaner air and water.
  • We are noticing within us how we come to know our own truth, because there are certainly more options offered as truth now than ever before.

There’s no going back. There’s no return to what was ‘normal.’ There’s no un-seeing or un-feeling what we have found within us.

But this new normal? It’s brimming with hope and expanded possibilities like I’ve never felt before.

You may not feel it or see it yet. It’s going to take a few more months for the trauma, shock and fear to ebb. It’s going to take more time for everyone to move through their grief. And many may feel aftershocks for a while to come.

Just know, the new normal brings bright, fresh and expansive possibilities.

Know also, that we have the people and the awareness to craft the way and build out those possibilities.

Trust in yourself – the heart of you, the truth of you, the wisdom of you.

Trust in the ever-evolving beauty of creation.

And know that all is well.



Photo credit: Photo by Isabel Herrera on Unsplash