Lately I’ve been thinking about how to talk about and think about money differently.

You know that the words we use, even if they are in our heads and remain unspoken, affect so much about what we are able to create and what we experience in our lives.

So if we can just shift our language we shift everything.

Let me make the first shift: rather than talk about money, let’s talk about income.

After all, as a business owner, the money you make through the work you do is your income.

Now, let’s talk about creating more income.

Most of us think about income from an accounting perspective – wages, salary or commissions for our work.

But what if we looked at that just a bit differently?

Let me introduce you to three new types of income: survival income, passion income and freedom income.

Survival income is the money you make from your work that if enough to pay the bills and meet your needs.

Passion income is the money you make from the the thing you love doing. It may or may not meet your needs or be enough to pay your bills.

Freedom income is the money you make that is more than what you need to pay the bills and meet your needs.

When you think about income this way it changes a lot, doesn’t it?

When you started your business were you focused on creating survival income or passion income?

Many entrepreneurs I’ve worked with have been very passion-focused in their work, willing to do what they love for free or very little money. They were making passion income that didn’t often meet their needs.

Most of us, before we went out on our own, were probably making survival income. It met our needs but we weren’t doing what we loved.

Then there’s freedom income.

As entrepreneurs we are drawn to a freedom lifestyle. We want to be able to determine our schedule, work with who we want, do things our way and generally call all our own shots.

But wanting that lifestyle does not mean that we are thinking about creating freedom income.

I know I hadn’t been. When I really listened to the words running around in my head, my focus was on creating more money. Things like: how do I make more money, I want more financial freedom, I want to be able to spend freely.

I realized I had been focused on creating both survival and passion income. And in a way, that was creating a push-pull in my being. I wanted to focus on my passion and not worry about survival. I set it up as an either-or situation, which pretty much brings things to a dead standstill every time.

What I really wanted was freedom income.

When I realized that, I created a third option that cancelled out the internal, and sub-conscious, drama.

Now that my words are different so are my thoughts and my focus. My nervous system settled down and the work I’m doing is re-orienting towards my desire for freedom income.

If you have been wanting to create more income in your work and life, try it. Check your quiet thoughts and see what happens when you shift to thinking about creating freedom income.

You also might want to sign up for my upcoming webinar below, where I’ll be covering how to add a new income stream to your one to one business.



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