I’ve just received an email from someone I follow online about how they’re shifting down, refocusing, turning within and going back to the things they did when they just started out.

And this is number two. As in the second to share a similar message within the last couple of months.

These are people who’ve been actively present and growing businesses online for over a decade.

I’d say they are successful, honest and very much about doing business their way with focus on good business.

And I’m really struck by how they are going back to their beginnings.

Simpler. Less-markety. Less-climby.

And I wonder what to make of it – this ‘return to real.’


A few months ago I wrote about the value that one-on-one businesses have and don’t fully own or embrace. That true, deep, human connection that is part and parcel of their work.

This has been affirmed for me over the last few weeks as I began working with my Leverage Mentorship participants. Their 1:1 personal connection with their clients, their community and their gift is where all their value sits.

And their ability to see it and use it in their own unique way – without veering off into what should be or what others are doing – is where they find the greatest rewards and greatest results.

Interestingly the work we are doing together is simple, non-markety and non-climby.

It’s really all about creating the growth they want, with ease and joy. Setting aside the ‘musts’ and the frustration and self-judgement.

Which is, I believe, what these business leaders are re-embracing. Ease and joy in their work and day-to-day living.


I wonder if what there is to make of the ‘return to real’ is that the lures being offered for six-figure incomes, 4 hour work weeks or anytime-vacations are more traps than destinations.

Because in truth there’s a way to set your own shiny desire as the destination so that rather than lure you in you are magnetized toward your own delicious fulfillment.


Photo by Jeffery Wong on Unsplash

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