I’m Judith Manriquez

Mentor for Soul-led women

I so treasure you and your gifts, and the difference you make in each life you touch.

Because you’ve made the work of your heart into a business.

You share your gift and passion through personal connection, often 1-to-1 highly connected engagements.

And you are self-aware, spiritual and hold steadfast to living and walking in integrity with your Soul.

But as you reflect on the whole of where you are, you know that you are tired of hard. Of things being hard.


Often the challenge you face is a combination of more than one thing.

You’re dealing with personal uncertainty and fear about your path or next steps.

Your business is lack-luster or at a crossroads – from on-the-edge-of-calling-it-quits to up-leveling to make it serve and fit you the way you need it to.

Your security, safety, livelihood or freedom is unstable – or you might also say money-flow is an issue.

The emotional, mental, and physical energy of making your business work has taken its toll and you’re weary, frustrated and have had enough.

You’re ready for easy.


But you can’t see how to get there. In fact, you’re right on the edge of almost believing it’s not possible.

Or maybe you can’t seem to get there and stay there as the new normal.

What I know to be true is that it can be easy.

It can be easy in all the ways you want it to be easy, but that requires alignment with your Soul. It requires working with your Soul and allowing that mastery to flow through you.


My work begins when you’re done with hard, willing to commit to ease, and ready to truly lead from your Soul.


When you’re done with hard you’re finally ready to let in all you’ve dreamed of and more.

You’ve reached a point in your growth where you recognize your own power and worth.

Whether you hold that knowing with confidence or instead you dance on the edges of uncertainty, it doesn’t matter. You’ve reached a point where the guidance and support you need to live from your power has changed.

What you need now – and you know it in your heart and being – is someone who can meet you where you are at and call you to your mastery.

Allow me to meet you where you are at and call you to your mastery.

Have you noticed that your learning and growth is now for refinement and enhancement?

Your work, and life, is no longer about leading as the child/the student/the seeker, but rather it’s about owning what you already know through experience and most especially through your inner wisdom and Soul.

It is my work and path to see you in your full power and mastery, and hold you to nothing less, because I know that when you do:

Ease is bountiful and hard becomes a sign you are off-course.

Your work thrives because it ceases to be led by the head and is instead guided by your Soul.

You feel ease, joy and grace unfolding in all ways – financial, relationships, stability, opportunities –  through your life and business.

You’re changing the world for the better with every breath you take.

Hello, I’m Judith Manriquez. 

When you work with me…

You’ll learn what ease feels like, that it’s ok to feel it and that ease creates more of what you want – while feeling better – than hard.

I’ll guide you and mentor you on creating a habit of ease – so you unlearn what you’ve been doing to make things hard.

We’ll create the tangible things you want and need in your business – to grow it on your terms. From marketing to website to offers to sustainable systems. 

You’ll learn to work to your Soul’s design (Human Design) so you know how to create with ease.

You’ll learn to trust your own inner wisdom in your choices.

I’ll introduce you to working more deliberately and actively with your spirit tribes (if you don’t already) – or some iteration of that based on your comfort or belief structure – for the times you have questions, blocks or fears.

When needed, I do energy clearing at soul, ancestral or past-life levels. I will also guide you to do other Soul/energy work like inner-child healing. It’ll depend entirely on your need.

You’ll begin to feel what it’s like to live into, and from, your mastery – powerful, confident, assured.

In essence, the gift I have makes everything easier for you, as I hold your expressed desire and your Soul’s path for you and with you.

Here’s how you can work with me

Soul design intuitive clarity session


One 60-minute session, to reveal the clarity and direction already present but unseen.

For when you seek clarity. When you want to get things flowing with ease. When you’re feeling over-whelmed with how things could ever possibly work.

During our time together we will go where our Soul’s take us. From spiritual energetic alignment to practical step by step business how-to’s.

Clarifying. Momentum-building. And always in ease toward your joy.

1-on-1 support for spiritual leaders and teachers

For when the work you do is your joy and the business and marketing of your work is not. Designed for spiritual teachers and leaders.

Grow Your Business with Ease is 6 months of deep support to help you make ease the norm in your business. It’s support to clarify your path and outcomes, mentoring and Soul-energy work to up-level your vibration and alignment, and practical implementation-smarts to get things moving.

Group business support for emerging spiritual guides and leaders

The Leverage Mentorship is 9 months of comprehensive business support with a spiritual mentor to create clarity, implementation and growth.

It is a personal-touch, group program uniquely designed for spiritual teachers, leaders, guides, and mentors; energy workers, and other women who facilitate inner transformational growth.

Begins at the Spring Equinox March 2020.

Want to explore your possibilities?

We begin with a discovery call that includes a review of your Soul design.

I enjoy having a chance to get to know each other.

My gift is to see your vision and path.

When I do, it makes it easier for you to bring it into reality with ease and joy.

The Personal Bits


What I’m most proud of

Hands down it’s my kids. I had no idea when I started the journey of parenting that my heart could open so wide. Without a doubt, watching them grow into beautiful adults is a miracle, blessing and a joy.

A close second has to be my personal growth journey. It hasn’t been easy but I’m so grateful. I’d never have found my way to such a deep connection with my inner Wisdom without the trials.

What makes me weep

There are moments when I’m at a park or in nature when I weep for our planet. Sometimes I feel how much she offers and how little we appreciate it all and the tears just start flowing. In those moments, I take a breath, open my heart and pour out as much love and gratitude as I can. Like right now.

Love given. Openly with full presence. Sometimes this happens in a session. Or when my kiddo says something funny. Or I see someone find a piece of themselves they didn’t know was there.

What I love

Travel. I absolutely don’t do enough of it. And growing up in El Paso I never imagined I would. But my Sugar introduced me to Germany and Europe early on and I’d like to experience so much more. Walking new streets, trying new food, taking in the people. Amazing.

I really and truly like trying new things. This shows up in all areas of my life. A whole lot online and in tech. And in food. New recipes. Different pens. A new planner.

Freedom and flexibility. Which is why I’ve been in business for myself for so long. They’re core values for me and really help me set boundaries and know what’s good for me or not.


Capricorn, Aries rising. Generator strategy with Emotional authority. I work a lot with the Star and Angelic tribes. I’m from the Schools of Love and Wisdom. Claircognizant supported by clairsentience.

BA Business. Masters of Public Affairs. Worked in non-profits, for a Mayor, for city and state government, and in private small business for major corporations. Started and grew a branding/marketing/web design firm during the dot com era. Been in business solo for a decade.

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