I was sharing with a friend yesterday that my work is changing somehow.

I can’t even really articulate how, I just sense or perceive it to be true.

It’s an awkward place – knowing and yet not being clear.

I really like clarity. It’s incisive. It’s sharp and its movement is clear and direct.

I also really like knowing. Knowing is enveloping. It permeates all. Knowing is certain and imbues depth.

Knowing is the essence of my claire-sense – it is very much a part of me. So it’s familiar and comfortable. It’s just ‘there.’

Which is why I know my work is changing. Has changed. But it’s not clear.

And I realize that this is a perfect mirror to the times we are in.

We are each of us changing and changed. Yet we are not altogether clear how or in what way.

We have the knowing – and can give it some words to express the feeling of it. But true clarity – the kind that moves with direction – is just a little beyond reach.

Over the last 2 months of stillness, we’ve stopped habits and broken patterns in so many ways. By doing so, we’ve opened up all this space within us and around us in our energy field to make way for the emergence of a truer, clearer version of ourselves. Only she’s not yet ready to move freely in the world.

Emergence is the process of coming into view or being exposed after being concealed. Since we are what is emerging, it’s going to take a little while for us to see ourselves.

Right now, it feels like that for me. Emergence.

Do you feel it too?



Photo by Simon Matzinger on Unsplash