I’m so happy to be back sharing with you.

It’s been about six months. Can you believe it?

As you might recall, I pulled back as I stated up with Beautycounter. I knew there was going to be a lot of change straight through to the end of 2017.

I didn’t realize just how much at that time. I just figured I’d have some adjusting as my oldest son had just left to spend a year in Germany. I also knew we’d be moving out of our rental house and buying a new house and moving all between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

As 2018 opened, we’d been in our new home for 3 weeks and I’m only now feeling like we’ve settled into a rhythm. I think it’s because our couch was finally delivered. 🙂

Starting up with Beautycounter has challenged me in all kinds of ways.

The largest challenge was not in learning a whole new style of operating as a network marketing business.

The challenge for me has been in reconciling the dissonance that exists within a practice of business that has changed so very little over the decades that it has been around.

The truth is that traditional network marketing started when women were not openly welcomed into the workplace. The idea was that women could earn some income while carrying on their ‘expected’ work in the home. I’m sure that it was never expected that women could and would build 7 figure businesses and large team networks.

And now, take a look. Technology and the internet has completely changed everything. Men and women choose to work from home or invent creative ways to make a living and raise a family.

The network marketing world is in the midst of figuring out how to adjust and adapt to be relevant. Their practices, tactics, messaging and more need to change to stay relevant.

The good news is that good companies understand this and are making change. As Beautycounter has by focusing on a larger mission. But the change is in it’s early stages.

Traditional retail selling and shopping is experiencing as large a shift as the print industry experienced. Some say traditional retail is dying. I doubt it. It’s changing.

Either way, this is great for network marketing. Products and brands are going to rely even more on relationships and selling through relationships. You see it now don’t you, in Facebook and Instagram?

That’s a long explanation to say – I’m building a Beautycounter business. I’m just going to do it my way and it’s not going to look like anything you might have seen in the past.

You won’t see me calling every friend all the way back to 1st grade. 
In fact, I’m not going to call you, or text you, or message you.

I’m going to inform, entertain and invite.

Because I believe you are smart. You know what you want and need. And know how to make good choices for yourself when you are ready.

Because good business is all about respect and trust in relationship.

You won’t see me inviting everyone I know to sign up and join me because this mission is the be all end all.
I want a team. Yes.

But truly, I don’t want you to join Beautycounter unless you KNOW you want to build a business.

One that creates long-term sustainable income. With a brand that has unparalleled standards.

One that will challenge you to grow. One that will take work and won’t make you 6-figures with one sales funnel.

Please know, dear friend, traditional network marketing approaches work for so many. It is not my intent to disparage others and how they have found their way to success.

My intent is to let you know that there are other ways to do good business. Ways that feel good and are honoring to you and the people in relationship with you.

We need to create new ways that meet the needs of the now we are living in.

I can only do what feels in alignment for me and what I value. So that’s what you’ll be enjoying.

It begins right here with CleanSwap6.

Much love and here’s to more adventure on our journey together.



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