Last night I read a post by a woman in a Facebook group where she was earnestly and open-heartedly asking what she was missing.

She was feeling frustrated and wondering ‘what else?’ when she was doing all-the-things to make her business work.

And my heart ached for her.

It ached because she was in fact doing all the ‘right’ things. She made personal offers. Was building her list. Worked with coaches and was learning what she could to market and grow her business.

But the right things don’t always work.

And the pain I feel comes from seeing women follow the steps and processes that we see promoted and taught in traditional marketing only to find they don’t work – and then they feel like they are doing something wrong and go through so much frustration and self-doubt.

For me, it’s not the things you do that get you where you want to go.

Getting where you want to go has everything to do with how aligned you are with yourself. Very specifically it has to do with how well you listen for, and follow your own innate wisdom or soul.

This belief is foundational for me. I absolutely make every effort I can to do my work and my life from a soul-aligned place.

It’s not often easy – not because it is hard work, but because it often takes me into uncharted territory. And uncharted territory is an uncertain, scary place.

For instance, let’s take a real-time experience I’ve been wrestling with.

When I make programs or offers in my business, I listen for the guidance I hear from my soul. I’ve been doing this for at least the last 8 years and I’m getting better but it’s still a sticky learning process.

What I hear when I listen is soft and holds a feeling tone.

It isn’t a clearly articulated sense of who it’s for and what the outcome is. It does not contain any of all the things that are ‘right’ to have for a sales page  – from pain points to target audience to benefits to outcomes.

It’s mostly a feeling and a knowing.

Now what exactly am I to do with that?

I can wait to hear more, to gain more clarity, certainly. But then, how does that get me closer to what I want in my business – clients and income? I could be waiting for a while.

And I can tell you from personal experience, I have waited a long while for some things to become clear.

But isn’t it so much easier to try to fill in the pieces that we are taught we need? Those audience, benefits and outcome pieces. Isn’t it easier to look to someone else’s experience when they say they have a clear path that will take me to my desired outcome?

Of course it is. But that was someone else’s path and steps.

It might give me comfort in having an action plan and to-do list. But that comfort takes me farther away from my soul’s guidance. It just feeds into my self-doubt and insecurities. Following someone else’s process limits what wants to be created into form through my soul’s guidance.

I have this exact experience going on right now.

I’ve heard my soul’s guidance on what’s next for me.

I have some core elements and the feeling tone to what’s being called into creation. But I don’t have all the neat elements of a sales page.

What I’ve decided to do is use this as an opportunity to openly share how I think about marketing and business in a soul-aligned way. The questions, the uncertainty, the wondering what to try and in what way.

And together we’ll get to see how it all turns out when I listen day to day to my soul guidance mixed in with the ebb and flow of life.

I’ll be sharing this journey through Facebook livestreams. I’d really like to tell you it’s a scheduled thing and you can find me on certain days. But I honestly can’t. That just doesn’t feel correct or clean in my energy.

You are invited to join me on Facebook if you like.

Or you can join my email list where I’ll share the journey with you on a weekly basis.

I’m so curious to see what unfolds…



Photo by Andrej Lišakov on Unsplash

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