When you’re done with hard

Grow with Ease

As a Soul-led woman, you know that life can unfold with ease, grace and synchronicity.

And you may have had glimpses of that ease at times.

Yet when it comes to your business, ease has been the exception rather than the norm.

You know that some of the hard is created by negative self-talk, insecurities and second-guessing.

And some of the hard you’ve accepted is simply a fact of owning your own business, doing what you do.

Really, you just know that is has to get easier because the way things have been going are just not sustainable for the life you want to be living.

You’re done with hard.

It’s time for ease to be a reality, not just a possibility.

You’re more than ready to make ease and flow the norm in your business.

You want ease everyday. All the time.

The challenge is making it happen.

You know you want it, but how to get it?

That’s exactly what Grow Your Business with Ease mentoring is designed to do, make ease and joy the norm in your business.


It’s 6 months of deep support to clarify the path and outcomes, mentoring and Soul-energy work to up-level your vibration and alignment, and practical implementation-smarts to get things moving.

It’s all about ease and joy. Even as you grow. Even as you do things your way. Even as you set out to do what seems impossible.


Grow Your Business with Ease is ideal for you if

You’re a Soul-led woman in business. Soul-led means you know you are the creator of your experience and are committed to living from your heart or Soul.

You’ve started your business but it either lacks the solid consistency you want or it’s not financially sustainable in the way you need or want it to be.

You’ve been successful in conventional or ‘traditional’ business and now as you grow a more aligned, Soul-led business with your unique gifts you struggle with finding the message that connects and creating offers that will pay what you’ve made in the past.

No matter where you are on your business-growth cycle, from start-up to doing-quite-well, you know you have limiting-beliefs, self-sabotage and fear of the shift to grow to where you know you are called to be.

Relate to any of these: “I can’t keep doing it the way I’ve been doing it.”, “How do I make money at the work I do?”, “I can’t see how to go from here to making consistent money”, “This is harder than I thought. It needs to be easier.”

Business and marketing growth aligned with your Soul.

Here’s how Grow Your Business with Ease works:


We start with a 2-hour ‘Getting Started’ call to layout the landscape of what you have now and where you want to go. We get clear on our focus and begin.

Then we meet once a week for 12 weeks to create and build toward the growth for you. Weekly meeting are essential to creating new habits and feelings of ease. Plus they keep you focused on the positive to keep the flow going.

When the twelve weeks are up, we adjust to every other week meetings to complete six months of work together. We stabilize and ground your work and your mindset to hold the growth you’ve made in the first three months.

Throughout the entire time you have email and text access to me when you need it, as you need it.

I’m Judith Manriquez and I want to see you reach for all you’ve dreamed of and more. With your business and beyond.

Over the last 20+ years, I’ve helped businesses of all kinds with business growth, coaching and Soul mentorship, and have learned that Soul-led women in business have their own unique set of challenges when it comes to growing a business in alignment with their own inner wisdom.

Reconciling your path and how you want to walk it isn’t often encouraged, supported or mirrored back to you when you look for business growth support. Most business advice is either very mental, too pushy or de-humanizing to you and your client.

I know because I’ve been in all kinds of businesses, including my own marketing and web development company. I know because in every instance I’ve sought ways to make business and marketing ‘whole-some’.

I can also relate because I’ve been making my own way over the last decade growing a solo-business doing work that doesn’t lend itself easily to neat titles or descriptions.

What I know now is that growing a business in ease is possible. I want you to have that ease too. So I bring all of me, Soul gifts, life experiences and business to our work together so you too can have ease and joy in your business.

What to expect when we work together

We work to your Soul design. You have an innate way of creating and working in the world which I share with you at the beginning. Then I work to your design so that you are in alignment with universal flow.

We do not create a concrete ‘plan’ unless you specifically feel the need for one. Instead we work week-to-week toward the desired outcome we set in our first call.

Beyond the activities, we are focused on shifting your vibration to ease. Which means we’re working to get you feeling confident, self-assured, comfortable with your self-worth, and trusting your innate wisdom.

No two engagements are alike. You get what you need based on where you’re at. That can include:

  • support in all business areas – branding, marketing, pricing, offers;
  • tech and geek stuff – website, social media, systems, payments;
  • bookkeeping and budgeting;
  • past-life and ancestral clearing; and,
  • Soul-mastery and relationship development with your celestial support.

Grow Your Business with Ease mentoring includes

1 Getting Started meeting to map direction and intentions

12 weekly meetings to create consistency with new direction and alignment

6 bi-weekly meetings

email, text and voice-mail access as needed


Investment: $6,000

Payment plans are available.

Ready to get started?

We begin with a discovery call that includes a review of your Soul design.

I want you to know how to decide if this is a good fit for you. And it gives us a chance to get to know each other.

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