When you’re done with hard

Grow with Ease

The work you do is your joy.

The problem is with the business and marketing part of your business.

You don’t enjoy it.

Because what you’ve seen and learned of business and marketing feels out of alignment, pushy, forced, disingenuous and, with technology and social media added in, just way too complex to keep up with.

Yes, you’d like to grow.

You’ve had ideas for programs and new services. And you’ve felt the inner guidance that’s been nudging you.

But you’ve held back and dragged your feet because you’ve just not ever found anyone that really understood.

  • They didn’t get that you weren’t going to do things that felt out of alignment.
  • They didn’t get the way your gift worked and flowed, and couldn’t adapt to what you needed to feel supported.
  • They didn’t get that their structure and processes for marketing didn’t feel good for you, and you knew it would not feel good for your people.

And you really haven’t found anyone that made marketing and business growth feel expansive, grounded or manageable in any real way.

So you’ve just gotten by. It’s worked and it’s been enough.

Only there are those nudges that can’t be silenced.

And you want the growth. Only you want it on your terms.

you’re ready for more.

You’ve been asking your team, both human and non-physical, for the support you want. And you’ve been keeping your eyes open.

You’ve been looking for options and alternatives that support you and encourage you to do it your way.

If you wrote out your wish-list it might look like this:

  • Someone who’s intuitive, spiritual or in my field so I don’t have to explain everything
  • Knows marketing, but does it in a way that feels good
  • Can help with the business things like what software or programs to use, how to price and develop programs, and which systems to use to make things less tedious
  • Social media know-how to help me do it better, or use it effectively or at all
  • Help to figure out the ‘how’ that feels so hazy

What you’re wishing for is what my Grow Your Business with Ease 6-month program is, and more.

It’s personalized one-to-one support to grow your business, from where you’re at towards where you want to go.

It’s intuitive and energetic support to meet you in the energy, listen for your vibration and desires, and work with you and your gift to craft the way forward that fits you.

There are no plans, must-dos, or timelines because we listen to your Soul and innate wisdom, and use it to create the solution and path that is aligned for you, qualified by source.

With my background in business and marketing, you have access to the practical know-how for all things business, marketing, social media, tech, systems, web, and design when needed. And implementation help in a way you’ve only dreamed of before.

Grow Your Business with Ease is 6 months of  1-to-1 business mentoring for spiritual leaders, teachers and mentors who want to grow their business and their income in ease, in alignment, and without compromise.


Grow Your Business with Ease is mentoring unlike any other business support you’ve seen.

What you can expect

This is a truly custom-crafted experience. What we do and how fast we go is based on where you are in your business, where you want to go, and your own personality and style of work.

However, when you’ve worked with me you’ll look back on our work and know these things:

You’ll have felt heard in a way you never have before. So much so that it has grown your own capacity to materialize your desires into the world – in your work certainly, but also in life.

You’ll have felt seen in such a way that you will know yourself and your gift in a new light. Being seen in this way will expand how you ‘hold’ and use your gift.

You will know what it is to be understood in relationship to work, business and marketing so that, quite possibly for the first time ever, you will feel how all of it can work with you in a light, easy and supportive way.

You’ll have experienced support in a way that has expanded your own empowerment in your business and how you do business going forward.

Your business will have grown in proportion to your capacity to allow it. And in that growth you will have discovered that your business can grow in ease.

Business and marketing growth aligned with your Soul, on your terms.

How Grow Your Business with Ease works is simple.


We start with a 2-hour ‘Getting Started’ call to layout the landscape of what you have now and where you want to go. We get clear on our focus and begin.

Weekly meetings for 3 months. We meet once a week for 12 weeks to create and build toward the growth for you. Weekly meeting are essential to creating new habits and feelings of ease. Plus they keep you focused on the positive to keep the flow going.

Then meetings every other week for 3 months. When the twelve weeks are up, we adjust to every other week meetings to complete six months of work together. We stabilize and ground your work and your mindset to hold the growth you’ve made in the first three months.

Unlimited access to me via email, text and Voxer. Throughout the entire time you have email and text access to me when you want it, as you need it. Because growth doesn’t happen on a schedule.

I’m Judith Manriquez and I want to see you reach for all you’ve dreamed of and more. With your business and beyond.

Before I even knew intuition had names – mine is primarily claire-cognizance – or knew it was even a possiblity for me to hear my Soul, I was drawn to business and marketing.

After a decade of running a successful branding, marketing and web design firm with partners, it became clear to me that being good at something was not enough. I enjoyed the work but was bored and restless, and had no idea what to do with the feelings.

The 2008 economy took care of my lack of clarity by steadily supporting the closure of that business, and I embarked on an exploration of work as a solo entrepreneur.

And as you know, running your own business is like a billboard to the universe saying ‘I’m ready for the advanced course on personal growth.’

I’m grateful for what seemed like the decade-long dark-night-of-the-soul.

Mentors and guides supported me through the journey, and still do, that has led me full circle back to business and marketing. Only now it’s with knowledge of my gift and how to use it to support others toward their highest expression.

Grow with Ease is my signature work, and it is the full measure of all of my gifts and skills applied toward your highest expression. I do it because I want to create greater possibilities for you, but also the planet.

I believe that when we follow our Soul, possibilities expand beyond anything we could have imagined.

Are you ready?

Grow Your Business with Ease mentoring includes

1 Getting Started meeting to map direction and intentions

12 weekly meetings to create consistency with new direction and alignment

6 bi-weekly meetings

email, text and voice-mail access as needed


Investment: $6,000

for a 6 month engagement

Payment plans are available.

Ready to explore if we are a fit?

1.  We begin with a discovery call.

2. We’ll meet by Zoom to talk about your desires and you’ll experience a small, but real taste of what it is to work with me.