Has the entry to the 2020 year felt intense to you? It has for me.

This last weekend felt a bit like a dam broke and the current is flowing super strong, almost like there’s all this energy backed up that just needs to flood out. It can feel a bit overwhelming, like it’s hard to gain balance and control.

I was so happy to have a few days as the new year opened to feel into the energy of 2020 and I’m really liking it. (If you’d like to watch, here’s the video I made on this topic.)

Here’s what I’m feeling:

2020 is all about creating stability.
Think of the 4 legs on a chair. That kind of stability. Maybe it will look like foundations for you. Or maybe it will be about structure through rhythm or regularity.

The energy is really, really smooth.
And it has a constancy to it. Last year was a creative energy so the feeling was more about ups and downs and swirls. This year’s energy’s more like a steady stream that may have areas where it rushes hard but generally will flow steadily.

First-quarter 2020 feels like it’s game on for creating deliberately with 5D-higher consciousness energy.
If you aren’t familiar with 5D, just think of it as a time of creating with feelings as opposed to actions. Also, outcomes will happen faster – both desirable and undesirable. Of course we have to take action, but it’s going to be much more obvious to us this year the way our creations are a product of our feelings.

First-quarter 2020 is ‘waiting’ for you to set the stage before it reveals what’s in store for the rest of the year.
As I was putting plans in place for myself and my clients, I really wasn’t able to feel past April. The energy didn’t vanish so much as feel unavailable. To me, that means that setting our intent and backing it with even the smallest of actions is pivotal. Very literally, what you intend is forming the constellation of possibilities that will show up come April.


Even if you aren’t a gardener, think of your business as a garden. Consider its shape and what seeds you want to plant before the Spring Equinox. You have some time to reflect on what you want. You have some time to begin practicing actions that honor you and the wants you have.

Seeds in your business can be as simple as putting a date on the calendar for when you will offer a program and setting a tentative price. Or it can be sending an email to 10 past clients to invite them to some dream project you’ve been stalling on – even if you don’t have all of the details yet for the program. Or it can be committing to a schedule – like every new moon – you make a video or send a message to your list. Or it can be updating your backend systems.

The point is that what you do does not need tons of planning, or thought, or doing. It’s a simple thing that aligns with your desire and feels good.

Here’s a good question to ask yourself as you sort through which action to take: On March 19, when the equinox energies come in, what will I wish I had started on?

May you have a blessed 2020!



Photo credit: Photo by Eryk on Unsplash