You know that core limiting belief or wound you come back to time and again on your journey of self-growth?

The one you’ve been peeling layers off of for a good while now.

It’s probably related in some way to one of the 3 core wounds of betrayal, abandonment and shame.

You know the one.

As you walk your journey of self awareness and growth to a bigger and brighter expression of yourself, you find the parts and pieces of how this limiting belief has been with you, playing a part in your choices and relationships and work.

Like me, you take that piece, work with it, heal it, love it and grow stronger and brighter.

It began a while ago, right?

You began to see the beliefs and patterns you learned as a  child with your loved ones that formed foundational limiting dynamics in your life.

You learned how cleverly you’ve woven this into your life and choices as you begin to see it in your relationships, your parenting, your work choices, your earning capacity or your health.

And because you are committed to your spiritual growth, you learn, heal and grow. You create new patterns and new beliefs expanding your possibilities and joy.

Does this sound familiar to you?

It’s been my journey.

But what I haven’t ever considered is the way we might do the same with our Soul and the relationship we cultivate with our Soul.

Have you?

I have a personal and intimate relationship with my Soul. And it has developed and matured over time, the way a friendship might. As you might imagine, this relationship is pretty important to me.

Lately I’ve begun to recognize that I’m playing out the dynamics I learned around my wounds of shame with my Soul.

It’s a complex interplay but at its core it comes down to the way I engage – with people, money and life. And apparently, with my Soul.

It alarms me. And saddens me.

First, because it hurts my heart to know that I’ve been playing the little-self’s games with my Soul because at some level I want to earn and be worthy of my Soul’s love, support and blessing.

And second, because if I’m doing it, others are too.

This is so important as more and more of us co-author our lives with our Souls. Because stepping into the unlimited potential of our divinity requires us to truly engage with the unlimited potential of our Soul.

When we unconsciously (or consciously) engage with our Soul from the little-self’s anticipation of betrayal, abandonment or shame we leash our Soul to the limited potential and perspective of our human self.

When we do this we slow ourselves down, dim our light and sabotage our joy.

Take a look.

Are you challenged with living your Soul’s calling?

Do you continue to wrestle with having consistent energy and vitality to live your dream?

Is your joy often hidden behind clouds of worry, sadness or anger?

Take a look, and review your learned dynamics around your wounds and see if you are playing them out with your Soul.

And if you are, may you set them down with ease and grace so that you may unleash the vitality of your Soul.


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Photo by Anna Wangler on Unsplash

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