“If you look for how or where your prospective customer is broken, then you are out of alignment with your Soul and your energy.”

I caught myself telling a client this today and it really struck me that this one thing explains why so many of us don’t feel good about marketing.

Let me explain.

She has decades of experience guiding her people with her gift. She is in tune with her divinity. And like you and me, alignment to that divinity is essential, like breathing.

She was sharing her experience with hiring someone to upgrade her website and how they took her through ‘all the things I hate, like figuring out your customer and their pain points.’

THIS. This thing right here is where things start to break apart and then it’s all downhill.

Traditional marketing insists on getting clear on your ideal customer and their ‘pain points.’

But when you follow your Soul, and you see the divinity in others, there aren’t any pain points. They aren’t broken. They don’t need fixing.

If you look for how or where your prospective customer/client is broken, then you are taking yourself out of alignment with your Soul and your energy.

When you build offers crafted around them and their broken-ness, and then offer to fix them or ease the pain of their broken-ness, you perpetuate your miss-alignment. And theirs.

That’s why marketing, as you’ve known it, feels hard.

And as a highly sensitive person, you feel it amplified within you because your set point is alignment with your Soul, your divinity.

When you try to head in a direction that pulls you off that set point, you just stop. You aren’t going there. It’s like asking you to stop breathing.

Instead, think of it this way: your ideal customer doesn’t have pain points. She has feelings. And her feelings are letting you know she’s on a journey.

How do you meet her on that journey?

That’s what you most need to get clear on first. And it all comes from you. Your desires, your gifts, your boundaries. Only then will you be able to invite her on your journey.


Photo credit: Photo by Joanna Nix on Unsplash

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