Each time I begin working with a new client I’m reminded that clarity is a process. And a moving target.

It’s a journey to find your way toward any desire, including clarity.

Let’s say you want clear offers, pricing and niche for your business. 

It’s so comforting to think you can think your way through to clarity.

But clarity is a feeling. It’s this unique cocktail of confidence and certainty and ease and a few other things unique to you.

The only consistent way I’ve found or reached clarity is through lived experience. 

So to reach the place of clear offers, pricing and niche – you start. You start with where you are and what you want so you can have experiences that bring you closer to feeling clarity. It’ll arrive and settle in and you’ll soar.

And then over time what happens is that beautiful offer that felt so clear stops feeling good.

So you then go back through a new process of Starting so you can experience your way to new clarity.

This is the natural process of life. We don’t arrive. We evolve.

I’m just coming back around and through this exact cycle – only to find that where I started is where I want to be.

Except the feelings have shifted into a more solid knowing.

My core work is all about helping women grow their business in ease. That has been clear for a long while. But other pieces within that have felt slippery and unstable. Unclear.

But I started. And each new client and each new conversation revealed a new piece. As did the living of life; my own inner work has brought me closer.

Yesterday a piece shook itself out and as I look at it now I wonder why it didn’t feel clear before. 

“I work with spiritual leaders and teachers. Both emerging – or as I prefer to say ‘rising’ – and lifetimers who’ve been on the path for a decade or more.”

That statement right there seems so natural and right, almost obvious, but it has never felt as clear and solid to me as it does now. For those of you who know me well, you’re probably thinking ‘of course.’

Nothing really changes with that clarity. My offers and how I work and what I do stay the same.

But the feeling within me is clear, and that changes everything.

This has been a journey for me. One that required me to grow my own gifts. One that felt almost continually unclear. 

So I just want to remind you – it’s okay to start and walk for a good long while – and feel unclear.

There is nothing wrong.

There’s nothing you need to do to fix the unclarity.

Just allow yourself to find the easiest, best feeling choices and the clarity will arrive.

And when it does, everything will very likely be in place just like you wanted when you started the journey way back then.



Photo by Analise Benevides on Unsplash

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