Leverage Mentorship 

for rising spiritual leaders

Leverage happens when you use what you have to propel you to where you want to go with ease and less effort. 

Today, at this moment, what’s your leverage?

  • It’s your belief in, and connection to, your Soul
  • It’s your experience, and
  • It’s the dream or desire you seek to attain.

Are you ready to use your leverage to make your business what it’s calling to become?

The Leverage Mentorship is 9 months of comprehensive business support with a spiritual mentor to create clarity, implementation and growth.

It is a personal-touch, group program uniquely designed for spiritual teachers, leaders, guides, and mentors; energy workers, and other women who facilitate inner transformational growth.

There are 3 areas that commonly diminish us when it comes to growing our business as spiritual leaders.

1.  Finding and anchoring to your own clarity.

Yes, I know you hear and know the guidance of your Soul/heart, but when it comes to applying it toward business growth you lose focus and faith.


2.  Knowing how to take your ideas, gifts, and teachings and make them into programs, courses or services that fill up – and feel in alignment with you.

When you spend a large part of your time in the ethereal or energy realms, the tangible physical part of business – from pricing to business systems to all the tech – can leave you feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out what would be best for you, so you end up misusing your energy or taking no action at all.


3.  Not having colleagues and peers who ‘get you’.

We underestimate the value and importance of having peers and colleagues with spiritual businesses. So much of the business guidance commonly available does not support or accommodate life and work that is spirit-guided. As a result, we are inventing our way even as we are developing our ‘industry’. We know that together our energy is amplified and yet we fail to leverage this wisdom for ourselves.


I designed the Leverage Mentorship for you – the spiritual woman called to be leader, teacher, guide who’s ready to stand firm in her clarity, ready to claim her power in her business with joy and ease, and ready to amplify her presence with her sisters in spirit.

❖You have built a business that has been good enough till now, but you know you need to step it up.

❖Or, you have developed your skill within a more conventional field or work environment and now know you need to step out on your own.

Either way, you’re ready to grow your business – and not by following traditional practices because they just don’t feel good.

And since you’re not new to business or your craft, you know that this time around the growth has to be in ease and joy, aligned with self and Source.

The Leverage Mentorship is Business growth in ease and joy, that honors the practical realities of living a spiritually aligned life.

It is designed to support you to grow your business and grow YOU in relationship to your business.

We’ll do this through experiential learning – learning as you’re living. Not through formulas, recorded content or ‘do-more-to-do-lists.’

Growing a business is not about ‘doing the marketing or sales.’ First, and more importantly, you have to be a vibrational match for what you desire, and you have to allow yourself to both align with it and receive it.

Aligning to your desire and opening to receive are both practices that are developmental and learned through experience.

For that reason, the Leverage Mentorship will support you in developing these capabilities:

  • How to leverage your relationship and connection to Source and create your desires, in ease.
  • How to stay in alignment with your Soul through your decisions and actions.
  • Learn to know what you want and practice giving it to yourself – which means you will learn to believe what you want is possible and you are worthy.
  • You’ll retire the dominant habit that has facilitated your self-sabotage behavior which validates your limiting beliefs. You’ll build new habits to support belief in yourself – in ways you never realized, or believed was possible.
  • You’ll practice taking aligned action to implement your guidance and grow your business.


In addition to these capabilities, you’ll also be enhancing and expanding your business skills – in the ways that are most relevant to you. We will cover these and more, depending on your needs:


  • You’ll get clear on what you want to offer, on your terms. Which means we’ll identify the ‘how’ that fits you – not what conventional marketing suggests.
  • You’ll tighten and refine the “who” – of who you serve, with you at the center.
  • You’ll clarify, through practice, the how and where you’ll market – whether it’s digital, in person, global or local. This includes the social media and the tech.
  • Based on your personality and preferences, we will refine the tools and channels to communicate and work with your people – things like email, social networks, communities, written word, video or images.
  • You’ll review and update your pricing and money practices.
  • We’ll look at the systems you use to facilitate ease in all areas of your business, and upgrade or streamline as needed.

The Leverage Mentorship is organic and developmental, responding to what you bring to the table in real-time; which means if you need or want a solid step-by-step structure then this program is not for you.

We have continuity, momentum and growth but it will not necessarily be linear. Instead it will rise up to meet you as you are ready.

We meet weekly, three weeks on and one week off. And I support everyone for where they are at and what they need. To do this, the group size is kept small.

Each week based on the energy and needs of the group, I develop additional material as needed.

In practice it looks like this: Your guides come in and direct me to what is needed individually and collectively. And I respond with video tutorials, scheduled co-working on a topic, guest healers or speakers, emailed resources or personal voice messages (group or individual) – in addition to our weekly calls.

What’s important to highlight is that this mentorship is about leverage.

❖ Leveraging your connection to Source.

❖ Leveraging the experience and skills you bring to the table right now.

❖ Leveraging the collective energy and wisdom of the group.

❖ And, leveraging my experience, gifts and guides to facilitate ease and expanded possibilities for everyone involved.

How the Leverage Mentorship works is simple.


❖ We begin with a one-on-one 90-minute intake call. 

You’ll share your desires and goals, along with your frustrations and roadblocks. During this time I’ll get clear on the energy and potential I’m holding for you throughout the mentorship. This is done BEFORE the Mentorship start date.


❖ We meet as a group weekly, three weeks on and one week off.

These meetings are where you share where you’re at and receive support to move you toward all you desire. We meet weekly specifically because we will be developing new habits (see capabilities above), even as you work through the day-to-day of running and growing a business. The week off gives you the time to rest or give something extra attention, and it gives me the space to add-in the particular support everyone needs.


❖ What you bring to our weekly meetings may be related to your business.

It’s very likely that what you share may be related to something that seems personal and completely unrelated. Regardless of the topic or content, you will be supported and it will move you toward your desires and your business growth.


❖ We have a private community for questions, support and collaboration as needed.


❖ This is in-real-time mentoring; customized to you in a group setting.

You’ll have access to me via the community and via Voxer on an as needed, but reasonable, basis.

I’m Judith Manriquez.

My gift is to see your vision and path.

When I do, it makes it easier for you to bring it into reality with ease and joy.

I have a natural affinity for all things business, marketing and tech. And I have a love for all things spiritual and energy.

After a decade of running a successful branding, marketing and web design firm with partners, it became clear to me that being good at something was not enough. I enjoyed the work but was bored and restless, and had no idea what to do with the feelings.

And as you know, running your own business is like a billboard to the universe saying ‘I’m ready for the advanced course on personal growth.’

So in 2008, we closed the bricks and mortar business and I began my journey as a solo entrepreneur in the digital space. Some of the learning was about digital business but so much more was me learning about the gifts of my heart and soul, and who I was here to support.


Mentors and guides supported me through the journey, and still do, that has led me full circle back to business and marketing.

Only now it’s with the knowledge of my gifts and how to use them to support spiritual leaders and teachers in their spiritual and business growth.

Leverage Mentorship is my signature group work, and it is the full measure of all of my gifts and skills applied toward your highest expression – in the most accessible way I can make it.

I do it because I’ve seen for a long time the way that women who put their spirituality and the urgings of their heart first, struggle with making it work in business and financially.

But I know the absolute importance of the role you’re here to play in the evolution of the planet in the way you teach, guide and lead people to a greater understanding of themselves as whole divine beings.

And I want to support you to do what your heart is called to do, so that the business of your work is a joy and unfolds in ease.

Are you ready to join me?

The energy of the Leverage Mentorship will convene on the Spring Equinox, March 19, 2020 at 2pm CST.

We will open the Leverage Mentorship with a gathering to call our energy forth as a collective and support each other in celebration. 

I will share the specific details when the individual members have come forth and I know the gifts and talents you bring.

Regular group meetings are Wednesdays at 2pm CST, with our first meeting on March 25th.

The leverage mentorship is 9-months of business support with a spiritual mentor. It includes:

 🔸A 90-minute 1-on-1 Intake-Mentoring-Vision setting meeting

🔸Weekly group support calls, 3 weeks on and 1 week off

🔸Customized support to for your spiritual and business growth

🔸Private community group for questions, collaboration and support

🔸As needed access via Voxer


Investment: $333/month for 9 months
or $2997 paid in full

If you’d prefer an alternate payment plan, please ask.

If you enroll before March 1, you have the option to begin work immediately with individual private coaching.

Are you ready to leverage for ease, joy and growth in your business?


But you still have questions…

Schedule a time to have your questions answered and let’s get to know each other.


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