Leverage Mentorship 

for rising spiritual  leaders

Leverage happens when you use what you have to accomplish an end with less effort and greater ease.

That’s what we do in the Leverage Mentorship. You bring your experience, gifts and soul connection, and we grow your business how you want, to where you want, in ease.

The Leverage Mentorship is a 6 month group program of energetic and practical business support to deliberately create what you want in and through your business – with ease and in alignment with your soul.

❖ The Leverage Mentorship is for women who are spiritual, intuitive or empathic; who work with energy; or are highly sensitive to others.

❖ It is for spiritual leaders emerging into their power, and those ready to hold more energy for many more.

❖ It is for women with service businesses that are outside the norm, who are creating a new way to support others to expand their consciousness.

❖ And it is for women who’ve been seeking ways to grow their business in a sustainable, aligned and intentional way who are ready for a supportive community of women doing the same.

This is for you when you’ve been passionately developing your craft and sharing your work with the world, but you’ve not managed to build a sustainable business foundation that supports you.

Either because what you’ve done has not been getting the outcome you want or because business and marketing leave a bad taste in your energy field.

Leverage Mentorship for business growth — 6 months, 18 group calls, $500/mo

Leverage Mentorship is collective, co-created mentoring unlike any other business support you’ve seen. You’ll be supported:


❖ To fully recognize and see your gifts and path so you can step firmly with clarity and confidence.

❖ With insight into your Soul design so you know how you create in alignment with universal flow.

❖  To asses your offers, pricing, systems and marketing for alignment, purpose and their role in taking you toward your desired outcome.

❖ Identify the elements of business and marketing that create dissonance for you and create-invent the path, practice and approach that is congruent for you.

❖ To take action in ease and alignment, and learn how to stay the course through situations that would have derailed you in the past.

❖ With energetic, emotional and mental re-sets when you slip into doubt, overwhelm or fear.

❖ To practice and recognize how to take practical, tangible and implementable action while leading from your heart and Soul.

❖ To own your power, wisdom and gifts as the master you are.

What you can expect

This is a truly custom-crafted experience, with a fluid, rhythmic structure. What we do and how fast we go is based on where you are in your business, where you want to go, and your own personality and style of work.

As a group, we will move both collectively and individually, calling on the collective energy to support each individual’s growth and business expansion.

You’ll receive the business and marketing expertise to practically apply and implement in your business. From technology tools to apps, to social media, to websites and bookkeeping and how it all integrates to make your life easier.

When you look back on the time you’e spent in the Leverage Mentorship you’ll know these things:

You’ll have felt heard in a way you never have before. So much so that it has grown your own capacity to materialize your desires into the world – in your work certainly, but also in life.

You’ll have felt seen in such a way that you will know yourself and your gift in a new light. Being seen in this way will expand how you ‘hold’ and use your gift.

You will know what it is to be understood in relationship to work, business and marketing so that, quite possibly for the first time ever, you will feel how all of it can work with you in a light, easy and supportive way.

You’ll have experienced support in a way that has expanded your own empowerment in your business and how you do business going forward.

Your business will have grown in proportion to your capacity to allow it. And in that growth you will have discovered that your business can grow in ease.

Business and marketing growth aligned with your Soul, on your terms.

How the Leverage Mentorship works is simple.


The October 2019 Mentorshp is closed. The next round is January 2020.

We meet weekly as a group with a different format every 4th week. For every group meeting, you will have the opportunity to work with me directly to get the support you need for your business. You’ll also receive the benefit of learning from your other Leverage Mentorship cohorts.

Then meetings every other week for 3 months. We adjust to every other week meetings to complete six months of work together. We stabilize and ground your work and your mindset to hold the growth you’ve made in the first three months.

Unlimited access to me via our community group and Voxer. This will not be a Facebook group because I prefer the privacy and peace of a non-Facebook community.

The practical-tangible things you need, are included. 

There are so many marketing-businessy-techy things that you handle when you are running your own business.

You’ll have support for all of them.

Examples of work completed by others:

✨ Defining your offer, building your sales page and mapping the approach for getting it visible

✨ Building a website from scratch – hosting, site platform, content and related tech such as analytics, integrations and sales buttons

✨ Reviewing and updating all systems such as scheduling apps, email marketing providers, email, files management, course software, bookkeeping and membership platforms.

✨ Contracts, pricing negotiations and customer development.

✨ Processes and practices for expanding into new products.

✨ Pricing review and income goal setting.

✨ Real-time annual planning for programs and financial goals.

✨ Social media approach and messaging.

✨ Outsourcing and finding the right help when you need it.

I’m Judith Manriquez and I want to see you reach for all you’ve dreamed of and more. With your business and beyond.

Before I even knew intuition had names – mine is primarily claire-cognizance – or knew it was even a possiblity for me to hear my Soul, I was drawn to business and marketing.

After a decade of running a successful branding, marketing and web design firm with partners, it became clear to me that being good at something was not enough. I enjoyed the work but was bored and restless, and had no idea what to do with the feelings.

The 2008 economy took care of my lack of clarity by steadily supporting the closure of that business, and I embarked on an exploration of work as a solo entrepreneur.

And as you know, running your own business is like a billboard to the universe saying ‘I’m ready for the advanced course on personal growth.’

I’m grateful for what seemed like the decade-long dark-night-of-the-soul.

Mentors and guides supported me through the journey, and still do, that has led me full circle back to business and marketing. Only now it’s with knowledge of my gift and how to use it to support others toward their highest expression.

Leverage Mentorship is my signature group work, and it is the full measure of all of my gifts and skills applied toward your highest expression – in the most accessible way I can make it.

I do it because I want to create greater possibilities for you, but also the planet.

I believe that when we follow our Soul, possibilities expand beyond anything we could have imagined.

Are you ready?

Here are a handful of things that my clients have accomplished in our work together

🔸Clarified what an annual group program would look like. Launched it and grew it to a foundational program.

🔸Clarified business offerings, updated website, created feebie offers and began building email list.

🔸Overcame technology fears and began using Instagram and Facebook, in an authentic and real way that feels good.

🔸Defined ideal clients, in apparently different sectors, wrote copy for offers and integrated that into existing social media visibility work.

🔸Identified clair-sense and began exploration for how that will be integrated into her current work.

And in every instance, they created in ease with unexpected opportunities presenting themselves along the way.

This group program is ideal for you:

  • When you’re committed to building a service business with, and from, your soul.
  • If you have the willingness and initiative to listen to your guidance and apply it.
  • Are able to, or willing to learn, to do the business and marketing parts of your business. That means websites, emails, social engagement, graphics, writing and bookkeeping.
  • If you like high touch support.
  • If you are multi-passionate, non-linear, emotional, highly sensitive or really like doing things your own way.


This is not for you if:

  • Your business is not a service-based business.
  • You need or prefer a structured, step-by-step method or curriculum.
  • You are not willing to take responsibility for what you are creating.


leverage mentoring includes

🔸1 Application-discovery Mentoring meeting to review your soul design and map direction and fit

🔸12 weekly group meetings to create consistency with new direction and alignment

🔸6 bi-weekly group meetings

🔸Community group and Voxer access as needed


Investment: $500/month for 6 months

Alternate payment plans are available.

Are you ready to leverage for ease, joy and growth in your business?


1.  If you are interested, we start with an Application-discovery call. This is not a commitment, it’s exploration and alignment.

2. We’ll meet by Zoom to talk about your desires and I’ll share your soul design with you. Come expecting to get some immediate clarity for what you need now.

3. At the end of this call, you may have all you need to continue on your own – because we will cover that much – or you may decide to join this round of the Leverage Mentorship.


The October 2019 Mentorship is closed. The next round opens in January 2020.

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