This week I’ve been exploring the idea of leadership. And what I’ve found stuns me. Not in a bad way. It’s more like seeing something I’d not seen this way.

The truth is that I see you as a leader.

You’ve chosen to follow the inner urgings of your heart and build a life and business in alignment with that.

Doing so isn’t easy. There’s no step-by-step. In the past, there have been precious few people to speak with about this so there was a lot of making our way through the shifting shadows. And now that there are more of us, it’s pretty clear that my path and your path are uniquely our own. There’s no copying, or emulating, or ‘following.’

Instead, day to day you chose yourself and your alignment – to Soul, to joy, to ease, to freedom.

In doing so, some days you dance and fly. Other days you gripe and wallow.

In business, you are inventing a way. Inventing and imagining a new ethic of business that is honoring, responsible and intentional. That cares for you and others. Without compromise.

And it’s not just what is now, but also what you’ve been doing and holding.

We would not be where we are now as a collective family, shining in this newly awakened 5D consciousness if you hadn’t been holding, sharing, honoring the light in you.

We would not be here now if you hadn’t been willing to carry the weight of ancestral and collective karma to be transmuted as we left 3D energies at the ‘end of time’ in 2012.

We would not be here now if you hadn’t been re-building and reworking your life in the aftermath over the last half decade. If you weren’t right now with every passing day and month learning  how to CREATE in this brand new world of wickedly fast energy that we are living in today.

It is sweet and wild, turbulent and exciting – and totally unknown – this time of higher consciousness energy. And still you hold out a hand and a heart to lift up and show the way forward.

To do all you have done, and do, is to lead.

And I am grateful and honored to stand beside you, dear Leader.


Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash