Do you feel confident, clear and powerful in your choices?


You know your choices create the success, ease and joy in your business.


However, the hard part is feeling confident in the choices you do make without the confusion, indecision and regrets.


Join us for this free business coaching plus energy healing webinar to ‘switch on the light’ to help you make confident choices and get you resonating with doing so everyday, all the time.

During this 90 minute webinar you’ll:


  • Learn how to know if a choice is right for you, and takes you toward what you most want
  • Get resonating with feeling empowered, discerning and confident in your choices
  • Receive laser-coaching for a situation you’re dealing with so you make decisions that bring success and growth
  • Be supported with an energy realignment so you resonate with belief in your ability to make wise, powerful and confident choices
  • Receive a custom human design chart and cheat-sheet handout to support you in choosing wisely in alignment with your Soul

Join us for this recorded training and energy re-patterning

Originally recorded live January 11, 2019

About our Light-switch Lunch programs

We’ve helped each other both professionally and personally for over a decade and know first-hand how powerfully and quickly we can shift out of limiting beliefs and habits when we put our special talents together.

So when we were brainstorming ways to grow our visibility, we decided to team up to offer powerful growth and transformation during a long lunch break.

For each Light-switch Lunch you can be sure to experience results that are practical, relevant to what’s really going on in your life and that stick.

Judith Manriquez specializes in business growth for Soul-led business women who share their work 1 to 1. With experience running first her own marketing business and now her private intuitive business work, she’ll help you hone in on the tangible, practical next step to take you toward your what you want for, and from, your business. You can learn more about Judith at her website here.

Lauren Johnston is an intuitive life coach and consultant who brings her decades of experience in Resonance Repatterning, reiki, hypnosis and other certifications to help you eliminate limiting beliefs and self-sabotage. She’ll be creating a custom repatterning session to shift you out of overwhelm and frustration and into alignment with the growth you most want. You can learn more about Lauren at her website here.

Only till Dec 1 - End of year + Mercury Retrograde special
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