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A message of hope

May 6, 2020. After COVID-19 and as Texas begins to re-open. I've been quiet these last few weeks as I feel for what's next. There's been adjusting, going within, and listening for my truth. It's certainly been an interesting time. In December, when I was planning, I...

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On spiritual teachers and the discomfort of business

In my last post I spoke about giving yourself permission. Permission to do things the way you want to do them. Permission to create outside the norms. And every lightworker and spiritual teacher I’ve met is really good at doing this, except when it comes to their...

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On stepping out as a spiritual teacher in your own right

You know how when you’re driving and you look down to switch the music, or you look over to the side of the road at something, you start drifting out of your lane? We do that exact same thing to ourselves in business when we seek safety and validation - and proof -...

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It’s okay to start when you’re unclear

Each time I begin working with a new client I’m reminded that clarity is a process. And a moving target. It’s a journey to find your way toward any desire, including clarity. Let’s say you want clear offers, pricing and niche for your business.  It’s so comforting to...

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What the October energies are bringing us

There’s something about this time of year that draws me in - into myself for reflection and contemplation - in a way that spring and summer don’t. The cooling temps and the full-settled-in of kids at school. But also the faster-seeming slide toward the end of the...

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If I could only share one thing about marketing

"If you look for how or where your prospective customer is broken, then you are out of alignment with your Soul and your energy." I caught myself telling a client this today and it really struck me that this one thing explains why so many of us don't feel good about...

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