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How we sabotage our Soul

  You know that core limiting belief or wound you come back to time and again on your journey of self-growth? The one you've been peeling layers off of for a good while now. It's probably related in some way to one of the 3 core wounds of betrayal, abandonment...

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The trap of the good life

We all have dreams for our life. And we all want to experience them lived out to their fullest. Right? Or do we? The actual nitty-gritty, day-to-day of living isn't a smooth path. For anyone. And when the path turns bumpy there are so many different ways of responding...

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Praise for the unacknowledged change-makers

As I sit down to write this I wonder who it is that I'm really writing for. You see, I know I still have a really disparate group of readers and followers. There are those of you who know me from my local community and from the years I spent with my marketing company...

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A love letter to my Beloved

There are sweet tender moments in time That shine so brightly Holding a radiance that is both ephemeral and tangibly real Felt in every sense Imprinted delicately upon the magic bits of life Breathed through your being They are light and soft Held together moment by...

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Desire isn’t what you think

Stop for a moment and reflect on the things you want for yourself. A deeply committed, fun and loving relationship Healthy, self-aware, joyful and loving kids A vibrant, strong, healthy body Fulfilling work that easily and abundantly provides me the lifestyle I enjoy...

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Just get on with being you

You know how you can easily see something in someone else that they can't easily see in themselves? Like a self-sabotaging habit, or that situation they trip at every time it shows up in different forms? Like having a great thing show up but pulling back at the last...

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