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What it is to be Soul led in your business

Soul led. What do I mean by that? At its simplest it means you follow your Soul. But following your Soul shows up so differently for everyone. For most people it's a recognition and acceptance of some sort of inner guidance or knowing. You might think of it as values...

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When you’re beginning something new

Sometimes when we begin something it’s like a seed being planted. The beginning of potential. The unfurling and wonder. The first few leaves of majesty, beauty and life. And other times when we begin something it’s like a bud growing and opening into bloom. The bud is...

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When your business goal for the new year is ‘easier’

Today marks 40 days till the close of this year. In a little bit, I'll close the computer and check-out of digital engagement for a few days to enjoy family and steep in gratitude for the beauty in my life. But this time always marks the perfect transition for winding...

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A return to real… re-embracing joy and ease

I've just received an email from someone I follow online about how they're shifting down, refocusing, turning within and going back to the things they did when they just started out. And this is number two. As in the second to share a similar message within the last...

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When life is hard and you want easy

You know how life, especially around your business, can feel a lot like this picture -- hard and cracked in places? And how in those times, when it just feels so much harder than it has to be, you just want help to know how to move forward and out of the hard? Yeah, I...

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A new way to think about money income

Lately I've been thinking about how to talk about and think about money differently. You know that the words we use, even if they are in our heads and remain unspoken, affect so much about what we are able to create and what we experience in our lives. So if we can...

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The #1 advantage most one on one solopreneurs squander

There's a special place in my heart for one on one service providers. My well-being and livelihood have been immeasurably advanced by amazing coaches, intuitives, accupuncturists, hands on healers, artists/designers, and mystics to name a few. And who hasn't turned to...

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