In my last post I spoke about giving yourself permission. Permission to do things the way you want to do them. Permission to create outside the norms.

And every lightworker and spiritual teacher I’ve met is really good at doing this, except when it comes to their business.

I most often hear how the business part of your work is the most uncomfortable, most unaligned and most unclear part of your life.

This is completely understandable. In fact, it makes complete sense.

You cannot be the embodiment of your teaching – love, one-ness, compassion, unity – AND do business as we see around us, or as we are taught is the ‘right’ way. Because the majority of current business practices and teachings leverage scarcity and treat the consumer as someone to be gamed.

You cannot teach your people that they are whole and powerful beings and then do as we are taught to do to market our programs by speaking to someone’s pain or lack or brokenness to encourage them to buy or join.

The reason you cannot do this is because it is incongruent to your embodiment – incongruent, and unaligned to what you are teaching and who you are being.

What you can do in your business is to speak to your invitation.

You can embody the teaching you have within you AND the human who wobbles, and share that. The certainty and the uncertainty, the knowing and the developing.

You can share the possibilities of what can be found through your work when someone shows up with you.

You can paint a picture of the journey.

You can trust and believe that the people who need what you have will find you and will know what is best for them.

And most of all, you can trust in the power of your message and in the power of your inner being to call-in and bring forth your people.

They are already seeking you.

Trust that they will find you. And in the meantime, do the business of your work in alignment with what brings you joy.

Because that’s the only way, isn’t it?


Photo by Joseph Greve on Unsplash


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