A year ago I felt drifty and floaty in my work and business, and had for a long time.

I questioned who I’m ideally suited to work with, what I wanted to do and offer, how I wanted to offer it. Was it best to lean toward business-y things or spirit and inner-self things?

To be clear, it was not a comfortable place to be. And no matter how much I knew about business growth and marketing, or how much I explored about inner growth, I’d been unable to go from that place to what I wanted.

However, over this last year, things have really been gel-ing into a more solid form that I’m grateful for.

I feel a clarity and direction and flow to my work that feels good. Really good.

I’m enjoying that ‘good-feeling’ that so many of us long for when we are in a place we want to shift out of. And I’ve learned how to hold it and expand it.

Do you have a place you want to shift out of?

Perhaps where you are is on the verge of despair, like teetering on the edge of giving up on making your business work in a sustainable way.

Or maybe you feel a constant hum of frustration, like when you have client or program growth that’s just enough to stay in the game but not enough to meet your dreams and wants.

Either way, it’s a here-and-now that you’ve had enough of – more than enough of – and you’re clear you want to move out of it and on to that-over-there, where things are like you want.

Only you just don’t know how.

Now that I’m moving toward what I want, I can look back and see what helped. Here’s what shifted things for me:

Getting there is not about a mental or physical action but a feeling.

Where you want to get to is not a place but a feeling.

I know, it’s seems nearly impossible to feel abundant when you can’t pay bills. Or feel like you have what you don’t have. So don’t try to feel like you have what you don’t have. That’s too big a jump to make.

Instead you can take the Abraham-Hicks approach and aim for satisfied. And then do everything you can to keep hold of that feeling as much as you can day to day.

Just focus on your feeling of satisfaction and then take actions that keep you there.

In case you’re questioning how this could possibly work in your business, it is possible. In fact, it makes business choices easier when you start choosing them based on feeling rather than more traditional reasoning. It also makes your actions yield more satisfying results.

Allow yourself to know and believe that that place over there where you want to be, has already been created and it’s only up to you to follow your inner wisdom, or Soul, to get there.

This means stop using thought, analysis and logical choices to make your way. 

Fifty percent of people know their inner wisdom through their emotions and feelings – not their thoughts. The others will know it in their body because it will feel right inside – not in their head.

Trust your wisdom and go with it, even if you can’t figure out how it’s going to work out. If you can, get help learning to know your wisdom and learning to trust it.

Stop seeking agreement or validation from others for your actions or choices.

This one may seem counterintuitive because in business or marketing we are told to make sure that what we are offering is something that people want to buy.

However, when we look to others as be the green light on our journey we loose connection with our own wisdom.

Instead, we are are made to get really clear on what we want and then keep an eye out for the universe’s, or life’s, green light in the form of opportunities, invitations and synchronicities. As long as you stay focused on good feelings and following your inner wisdom, things unfold with ease.

Remember that as you start feeling better and things start working, it will seem like some friends or family may want to bring you down. But they aren’t.

People around you have gotten used to you having a certain vibration. You just ‘feel’ a certain way to them even if they, or you, never give it a thought.

As you start feeling better, you change your vibration, and even if they don’t know how to give words to it they will feel it. For some, their natural response is to want to stay in a similar vibrational relationship to you, so something will happen between you to bring you down.

It’s a sign you’re making amazing progress so have compassion for them, and for yourself. Then do your best to see the pattern and make a different choice.

A special note on this one: so many of us feel or empath other people’s feelings. If this is you, staying in a good feeling place could be especially challenging for you because you’ll have old patterns of helping them feel better at your expense. If you do this, find resources for empaths and start some new patterns.

These are not difficult changes to make. But they may feel silly or short-sighted given the place you want to get to or the thing you want to get out of.

And yet, they will work to get you where you want to be faster than you can imagine.

Give them a try and tell me what you experience.


Photo by Amir Akbari on Unsplash

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