You know how when you’re driving and you look down to switch the music, or you look over to the side of the road at something, you start drifting out of your lane?

We do that exact same thing to ourselves in business when we seek safety and validation – and proof – that what we offer – what we are – is okay.

This quality of ‘drifting out of your lane’ is especially/uniquely true for our spiritual teachers and leaders right now, in these ascension energies of awakening and expanding consciousness.

We are feeling within us how what we are offering, what we are teaching, and what we are inviting people into is so different.

Today’s spiritual teacher/leader is embodying the new earth. You are holding within you the vibration-rhythm-song of this emerging time.

And it feels so new.

It feels so very much not what has been in our lived-experience. And it feels right. Correct.

To do, be or act in another way is not an option. You feel the anxiety, stress, or overwhelm that tells you ‘this is not you’ when you somehow slide away from the ‘embodying’ that is emerging as you.

You, spiritual teacher of now, are holding within you – living and walking and breathing – something that has never been before.

So it’s only natural that you feel differing degrees of discomfort and fear. It is a normal human response to this emerging unknown.

That human response to the unknown is exactly when we begin to slip from our lane, because we are seeking some comfort and reassurance.

It looks something like this:

You look around to other teachers and leaders, for a pattern or a way or some other proof that what you feel, what you’re teaching or sharing, or the way you are teaching others, is not crazy. You seek some sign that you’re okay, that what you have to share is okay.

You may find what you are looking for – assurance that you are okay.

Or, you may find something that slips right-in to enhance your discomfort, and makes you doubt and question your path and choices.

And, there it is, the drift.

Just remember, what you are bringing in is emerging. By its very nature there aren’t ‘ways.’ It is not the norm.

Yes, the basis of your work is a universal truth like ‘love is all there is’ but it has not ever shown up on the planet in this way, with this expression or with this intensity.

You are inventing in the purest sense.

And that very newness is what you are seeking assurance and comfort for.

The truth is that no one else has done this that you are doing, bringing or teaching.

It will feel uncomfortable to sit in the unknown and make a new way. At least for a while it will feel uncomfortable to share the work you are receiving and translating into teachings/guidance.

At least for a while, it will feel uncomfortable to put your work out into the world in the ways that you are inventing; devoted to making sure they feel good and meet you in the way you want to show up.

So give yourself permission to feel uncomfortable for a little bit.

Give yourself permission to lean into the way you want to structure your business, your programs, your courses, or your pricing so that they work for you.

Just give yourself permission to create outside the norms.

And before too long you’ll come to realize that you were a part of creating a new norm that has brightened the world in unexpected and beautiful ways.



Image by Евгения Кец from Pixabay

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