There’s a special place in my heart for one on one service providers.

My well-being and livelihood have been immeasurably advanced by amazing coaches, intuitives, accupuncturists, hands on healers, artists/designers, and mystics to name a few.

And who hasn’t turned to the craft and ministering that can only be shared through direct engagement with another person?

They hold in common a heart for service, a deep passion and devotion for their work – with their work often being a gift that they are constantly developing.

No matter their industry or gift, they meet us where we are – touch us, see us, hear us – and leave us transformed.

I share this because I want you to hear it if you are a one on one service provider.

Each time you meet with me I leave freer, happier, more hopeful, with greater self awareness.

This thing you do each day, that uplifts you as much as it does me, this service that is your business and livelihood – it is your greatest advantage.

Company after company, brand after brand, wants this thing you have.

The connection. The personal touch. The trust you receive. The good-feeling your clients feel for you and from you.

Big companies try everything they can to create what you have. They use marketing, branding, advertising, specials, gifts, webinars, video.

They call it ‘know, like and trust’.

You don’t call it anything. You simply want to help people live happier more meaningful lives.

I want you to know this about you and what you have.

You hold gold in your hands in the one to one connection you make every day with each person you touch.

Why do I want you to see this and know this?

Because you undervalue it.

You do not see it as the gold in your business. And because you don’t see it, you fail to nourish it, enhance it and sustain it.

Just think: in what ways do you express value for that connection when your client is not right there with you? How do you nourish, enhance or sustain that connection when they finish a session or consult with you? When you haven’t seen them for months?

If you’re like most of the majority of solo entrepreneurs I’ve worked with, you enjoy the lovely high of sharing your gift and your client enjoys the glow of help or transformation – and it ends there.

Is this what you do with other things you truly value in your life?

And so I ask you, what would you do differently if you regarded this connection you’ve made as gold to be treasured? What would you do differently today and what would you want to add in tomorrow?


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