Together Mentoring

for heart-centered women who want what to feel they've 'got this'

Together Mentoring

For spiritual, heart-centered women who want to feel ‘I’ve got this’

This is for you when you’ve made your business work but still feel like something’s missing.

You wonder ‘what’s the more’ or ‘what’s next’. None of the next steps you’re told to follow feel right or light you up. So now what?

Together Mentoring – 4 months, 9 sessions, $2,000

Each of us is here to touch the life of another.

To uplift and nurture their unfolding in ways both seen and unseen.

Maybe your way is quiet and without flash, touching one Soul at a time.

Or maybe it’s vocal, disruptive or on-stage reaching other Soul’s with verve and intensity.

What you have in common is that you know you are here to transform, empower, awaken and support others to lead brighter, more connected, meaningful lives.

You’ve learned that what you do and how you do it is unique or feels so outside ‘the norm’ in your space. Sometimes it feels lonely and uncertain to always be holding to this path that’s always outside.

But your values, feelings and inner knowing are strong and you’ve learned it’s best to follow them. And still you question.

Am I doing the right thing?

This isn’t the ‘logical’ thing to do. How well will it work?

I know this choice looks like it should get me closer to what I say I want but…

This thing that feels like it’s next is so big/different/ scary, how do I get there and what about all these things on my plate right now?

How do I get to there when it feels like there’s no money or time?

No one else is charging/doing this, how can I? How will it work?

To make this dream or idea work I’d have to be good at technology/video/writing/selling/name yours – and I’m horrible at it so how could it work?

In our mentoring engagement together, I support you:

  • To fully recognize and see your gifts and path so you can step firmly with clarity and confidence.
  • With insight into your Soul design so you know how you create in alignment with universal flow.
  • By being an energetic beacon anchoring your realized dream or desire, holding the vision with and for you.
  • As we asses your offers, pricing, systems and marketing for alignment, purpose and their role in taking you closer to your desired outcome.
  • To take action in ease and alignment, and learn how to stay the course through situations that would have derailed you in the past.
  • With energetic, emotional and mental re-sets when you slip into doubt, overwhelm or fear.
  • To practice and recognize how to take practical, tangible and implementable action while leading from the heart and Soul.
  • To own your power, wisdom and gifts as the master you are.

You can, and have, done much of this on your own.

With Together Mentoring you are no longer alone.

You have me alongside you  – for validation, to reflect what you don’t see, to remind you who you are and to champion your wisdom, joy and ease.

Here’s how Together Mentoring works:

We start with a 2-hour ‘Getting Started’ call to layout the landscape of what you have now and where you want to go. We get clear on our focus and begin.

Then we meet every other week for four months to create and build toward the growth for you. During each 90 minute meeting, our work together will unfold organically based on your desired outcomes and the circumstances of your business.

Throughout the entire time you have email and text access to me when you need it, as you need it.

My biggest hurdle was putting myself out into the world and feeling confident that it would represent who I am. The technical pieces seemed overwhelming and out of my reach. Judith immediately was able to put my mind at ease.

It was obvious that she had my best interests at heart. She has a gift of explaining complicated things in a simplistic, easy and fun way. Judith is creative, always willing to help and joyfully easy to work with. She has a wealth of knowledge that she happily shares with others. I am grateful to have worked with her and recommend anyone to do so.

Dr. Asha Prasad

Here are a handful of things that my clients have accomplished in our work together


Clarified what an annual group program would look like. Launched it and grew it to a foundational program.

Clarified business offerings, updated website, created feebie offers and began building email list.

Overcame technology fears and began using Instagram and Facebook, in an authentic and real way that feels good.

Defined ideal clients, in apparently different sectors, wrote copy for offers and integrated that into existing social media visibility work.

Identified clair-sense and began exploration for how that will be integrated into her current work.

And in every instance they created in ease with unexpected opportunities presenting themselves along the way.

Your investment

$2000 for 4 months, or $500 per month


1 Getting Started meeting to map direction and intentions

8 bi-weekly meetings to create consistency with new direction and alignment

Email, text and voice-mail access as needed

Our next step:

Let’s connect! There are four spots available starting January 2019.

If you are ready to register, you can do that here.

If you’d like to book a time to talk to see if we are fit, you can schedule a free discovery call here.

Judith hears what I don’t say and sees what I can’t see. Even more, she feels/senses on my behalf in ways that are both mysterious and miraculous. Then she reflects it all back – in the most wise and loving of ways. When I heard, saw, and felt what she knows, my vision became clearer, my perspective focused, and my heart expanded – for my business, my life, my very soul.

To be witnessed in this way and to then step forward with that as guiding principle and compelling motivation changes everything. I cannot recommend Judith or her work highly enough.

Ronna Detrick

Steps to get started

We start with a call so I can learn your goals and we can see if we are a fit.

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