Have you been wanting, wanting, wanting something for a good while now?

… wanting your physical life (money, work, status) to reflect the ease and grace of your Soul life?

… wanting to feel the joy and freedom and pure exuberance of living your Soul gift as you feel it calls to be expressed?

… wanting to feel good, excited, lit-up and energized with the work of a day lived fully?

Wanting can become a default state of being for so many of us.

But for Soul-led people, wanting has an interesting way of becoming a trap that we don’t recognize, precisely because of the relationship we cultivate with our Soul.


As a Soul-led person you know what to do with the wanting.

You’ve learned that when you want something you don’t yet have or feel, you begin the work of delving deep within to explore why or how it is that you don’t have the object or feeling you want.

This self reflection and inner work is familiar. In fact the inner work sits at the core of what has brought you into a relationship with your Soul.

Your un-fulfilled desires are what helped you find and see the ways you limited your inner power and worth.

The trials of your life led to wanting relief from all of what they brought – financial stress, health issues, business decline, relationship breakups. The wanting led you to inner reflection that led you to growth that showed you the way to your Soul and your gifts, worth and power.

So wanting is a good thing. It points the way to healing and self-growth. In a way, it is the impetus for self-growth.

This is the exact way that it has become a trap for so many.


We’ve in essence agreed to a formula that looks like this:

  • Wanting something and not having it feels uncomfortable
  • I don’t like to feel this way
  • So I look within to discover why I feel this way, why I don’t have this thing I want
  • When I go within I connect with my deep, wise, Soul-self
  • In that connection I find wisdom and good-feeling
  • Ahhhh, now this feels good

Before long you begin this cycle all over again. FOR THE VERY SAME WANT THAT STARTED THE CYCLE IN THE FIRST PLACE.

Wanting has become a trap keeping you from being or having the object of the desire, because wanting leads you to the good feeling of connecting with your Soul.


And rather than take action on the wisdom and guidance of your Soul, you let it slide or put it off or just don’t do it for some reason or another.

And why do you put it off?

Because your Soul is asking you to live your brightest life and that’s scary and uncertain and uncomfortable.

And you know if you just a wait a little bit, you’ll feel the press of the wanting again, which is safe and in the end leads to good feeling because you’ll end up connecting with your Soul again.

I’ll tell you the secret to getting out of the cycle: stop seeking healing for the wanting.

Your wanting is not coming from the need for more healing or self-discovery. The wanting is the call of your Soul to get on with the life you know you can have.


Check out my mentorship, Brightest Light, if you’d like support making that very shift – out of the wanting and onto living your Soul’s guidance.

Photo by Meiying Ng on Unsplash


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