Free Webinar Workshop

How traditional marketing makes business hard for intuitives, energy workers, spiritual leaders and energy sensitive women

… and what to do instead

As energy workers, intuitives and spiritual women, we lead from how we feel in everything we do.

Whether it’s how we feel in our bodies, in our emotions or from our values, we just know when something’s not aligned for us.

Knowing what doesn’t feel right is the easy part. It’s the figuring out what to do, or how to do it instead – in a way that feels supportive and expansive – that’s the challenge.

On this webinar workshop I’ll share:

    • What it is about traditional marketing elements, tactics and approaches that shut down your energy giving you that ‘out of alignment’ feeling


  • Creative approaches and process that honor your energy, your way while creating the expanded possibilities you desire

Let’s get you growing your business in alignment and with more ease and joy!

Show up with what’s going on for you because this is your opportunity to get hands-on support.

Thursday, September 19, 2019


About me

Hi, I’m Judith Manriquez.

I work with Soul led women with high-touch service businesses who are ready to grow their business in ease.

When you work with me I meet you where you’re at to support you to grow at all levels – business, spiritual, personal and energetic.

I draw on my 20+ years in marketing and business ownership to support you with the tangible things you want and need in your business.

I lead with my Soul gifts, and uncover yours so we can grow your business, on your own terms.

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