Soul led.

What do I mean by that?

At its simplest it means you follow your Soul.

But following your Soul shows up so differently for everyone.

For most people it’s a recognition and acceptance of some sort of inner guidance or knowing. You might think of it as values or principles or ‘I know in my gut.’ It’s an intangible, often not rational, piece of you that you’ve learned to follow if you want to feel good or have things work out for you.

That’s the critical piece, right? Follow this inexplicable guidance even when it isn’t what others would do or what seems logical. It just feels right.

At its core, that is what it is to be Soul led – follow the quiet guidance from within.

But for others, Soul led takes on more depth and variation. In large part, it’s really dependent on the quality of their relationship to their Soul.

For me, my Soul is as real as the people in my life. So while I may not see my Soul, I do speak with and listen to her.

Over time I’ve refined my ability to listen and engage with the intangible essence that is Soul. I’ve accepted this intangible world as real.

That’s me, but I know and work with people who have much more highly refined senses and their dialog with, and experience of, the intangible world is as vibrant as ours is with the physical world.

Being able to see, feel or engage with the intangible doesn’t necessarily make you Soul-led, but it’s so much more likely because it’s harder to not hear the guidance.

To be able to see and talk to the ‘Soul world’ does not necessarily mean you listen to your Soul’s guidance and wisdom, it just means you can hear it more easily if you listen.

Following your Soul is a practice – even for highly connected, intuitive people.

It’s a practice because when we listen to our Soul wisdom we are choosing to not listen to what we’ve been taught to pay attention to.

Sometimes it feels scary because it takes us into places that don’t make sense by logic or society’s standards, so it takes practice to choose the discomfort and over-rule the brain.

It’s also a practice because we are learning as we go. Learning how we create what we want in the physical world by following the guidance of the intangible world.

When we follow Soul’s wisdom we are agreeing to a whole different set of assumptions as to how life and creation work.

It might help to think of it this way:

We were taught to believe that the world is physical and we create through our actions. So if you want to build something you collect the pieces and assemble them with your hands and will.

However, when you follow your Soul you know that the world is vibration and to create in the world is to align your vibration and allow the pieces to come together.

The difference between these two pretty much explains why it’s scary to live a Soul led life and why it feels hard to grow a Soul led business. Our brain interprets these as opposite and they feel like dissonance which shows up in our business.

On the one hand, we are surrounded by people, teachings and (what seems like) proof that the world is physical and we create with our hands and will.

And on the other, we receive crystal clear guidance from our Soul that often feels contrary to, or in opposition to, what we are surrounded by.

Added to that we don’t have a defined rulebook or enough examples to help us know how to make things work as we want in the intangible world of vibration and feeling.

Which brings me right back to where I started. Living a Soul led life and growing a business led by your Soul looks so different for everyone because there isn’t one way or a right way.

If you’ve been Soul led for a while, you know this. You’ve been making your way through trial and error, and lived experiences that take you outside or beyond the traditional rules and paths.

You are the way-maker for a new kind of business, the kind that creates from and through the infinite possibilities of your Soul.

And that’s what Soul led is, knowing that infinite possibilities are yours, and you get to choose what to do with them to create the life you most desire.


Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

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