A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how 40 and 50 somethings really need to get on with stepping into their power and living it. (You can read it here.)

I was speaking to those who, like me, have a relationship with their Soul and Soul gifts. Those for whom it’s been hard to break out of the old programming and step into their calling.

I’ll tell you – without question, I think the hardest part of stepping fully into my gift and my Soul’s calling has been both owning and integrating my Soul gifts.

It was so much easier and more acceptable to use my gifts within the context of developing a marketing message and plan for a client. After all, the client didn’t really ask or need to know that how I knew what to do for them came from this invisible place inside of me ‘that just knew.’

To step out and build a business that strips away the ‘conventional’ work and presents my gifts in a kind of naked way is, and has been, scary and vulnerable.

I don’t have mainstream role models or see broad examples of warm open-hearted responses to being able to know something as correct or viable for you without having an explainable reason. Or to being able to shift you through a fear or problem simply because you are in contact with me and we talk.

Which is not to say that I don’t receive open-hearted response to my work or enjoy friends and clients who completely get what I have to offer.

The scary and vulnerable part is stepping forward with these capabilities openly, without softly packaging what I do and am with more broadly acceptable language. It’s scary to be outside of what is ‘normally acceptable.’

I’m sharing this because I know that when we live from the Divine part of us, openly, we create an environment that allows for what seems impossible. For us and for the world.

It’s this knowing that keeps me pushing through my fears.

And it’s this knowing that has me putting together the pieces for a new program to help you to get on with living your Soul’s calling.

What is your fear or circumstance that has held you back from living your Soul’s calling?

I’ve put together a list of what I hear and see the most. Which is yours?

  1. Uncertain or overwhelmed with where to start, especially with tech
  2. Afraid no one will get it
  3. ‘Kinda stuck’  because your missing the consistent energy or vitality to push this out of idea stage
  4. Continue searching outside yourself and inside yourself for the thing or awareness that will make it all feel like it comes together
  5. You’ve come thru some hard trials or challenges – burnout, health issues, relationship breakups, work or financial meltdowns – things have evened out and you’re not sure you want to put in the hard work to get things going
  6. Money is tight so you’re not sure how to get your idea or calling going with little to no resources
  7. So much about making an idea work and grow these days requires so much tech know-how and social media presence and that’s a turn off or insecurity for you
  8. Your calling very much requires you to show up with your spirit-gifts and you feel like you’ll be ridiculed or ostracized for being openly, authentically you
  9. You just don’t feel worthy or like you’re enough or good enough

Or do you have a different one?


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