You know how life, especially around your business, can feel a lot like this picture — hard and cracked in places?

And how in those times, when it just feels so much harder than it has to be, you just want help to know how to move forward and out of the hard?

Yeah, I know it too. I’ve been there often. And for what felt like years and years.

And honestly, I know I’ll be there again because that’s part of life, I think.

I’m ok with this because what’s changed is that I’ve learned a few things that make it easier to get past that ‘hard.’

Like getting help from friends and professionals.

Like the hard is a sign that I’m resisting what’s easy and natural for me, so I need to shift into allowing and acceptance.

Like my Soul has a natural way to create through me and how to align with and use that way to create more ease and grace in my life.

And when I do these things – use my unique Soul alignment, start allowing and get help to give me the little push I need – it does get easier.


Just yesterday I had a discovery session with someone who was tired of the hard in her business.

That’s not what she said when we first started. She said she wanted help making her business grow.

But after she’d explained the details, I asked what she really wanted from working together. What would be the absolute most amazing thing?

She took a big breath and welled up with emotion and said, “This is all so much harder than I thought. I need it to be easier now.”

I felt her pain. And it really lingered with me because I know it’s simple, if not easy, to turn the hard off and turn the easy on.


Because I know there are others who might be feeling this way, I really want to help make it easier.

It only takes one hour and we can shift it. Seriously, only one hour with me and you’ll feel lighter and I’ll share with you how to find your way through the day-to-day to keep the ease.

This is a piece of my Soul gift and calling.

And work I do with my long-term clients that sets them on the path to lovely and amazing growth with ease and joy.

Now it’s open for you, or for a friend you know, at only $99. That’s $150 less than my normal hourly rate.

In honor of the lovely woman I spoke with yesterday, and in honor of you and the life-transforming work you are doing.

Schedule a time here.

I have spots open next week. Is one of them for you?


Photo credit: Marvin Gruhn on Unsplash

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