Today marks 40 days till the close of this year.

In a little bit, I’ll close the computer and check-out of digital engagement for a few days to enjoy family and steep in gratitude for the beauty in my life.

But this time always marks the perfect transition for winding down the year. And there are two primary questions I ask for many areas of my life but especially around my business:

What has worked that I want to refine or develop?

What has been harder than I want or need it to be?

As you do your reflection on your business, if you find yourself feeling like “I can’t keep doing it the way I’ve been doing it” or  “This is harder than I thought. It needs to be easier” then you’ll want to take a look at my engagement to support you to Grow Your Business with Ease.

It’s 6 months of:

  • deep support to clarify the path and outcomes toward what you want
  • coaching and Soul-energy work to up-level mindset, thoughts and beliefs, and
  • practical implementation-smarts to get things moving.

In the first three months we shift you out of hard and anchor in the habit of ease. During the the second three months we stabilize your growth and ground the changes for the way you’ve up-leveled.

You get business coaching, mindset coaching, Soul mastery mentoring, Soul energy work, business strategist, marketing/branding expert and tech geek all rolled into one for 6 months.

And now through the end of the year I have a special that includes 4 extra weeks of my hands-on help to update and up-level your website. It’s available when your pay in full for the engagement.

I have 3 openings for the  end of year special. Is one of them for you?

Learn more here.

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