Business growth from the heart

Mastery mentor | intuitive business guide

I guide, mentor, support and encourage you to work your business in relationship with your Soul

It is my work and path to see you in your full power and mastery, and hold you to nothing less. Because I know that when you do:


Ease is bountiful and hard becomes a sign you are off-course.

Your work thrives because it ceases to be led by the head and is instead guided by your Soul.

You feel ease, joy and grace unfolding in all ways – financial, relationships, stability, opportunities –  through your life and business.

You’re changing the world for the better with every breath you take.


Here’s how we can work together:

Be the embodied expression of your soul

Be Mastery – a year long mentored journey to live your mastery

For those of us who were the way-makers for the Ascension energies on Earth, we are now called to be the way-makers for this new time. We are called to be the conscious, deliberate and embodied expression of our Soul.


When you're done with hard, grow with ease

Grow Your Business With Ease

I lead women through a personalized 6 month business transforming engagement  to support you and show you how to grow your business with ease.

When you're ready for more meaning and connection

Together Mentoring for spiritual, heart-centered growth

I offer Together Mentoring for women who are ready to be supported to cultivate a deeper relationship with their Soul for more ease and joy in their lives.

Thank you for my soul mastery session with you 

It was both illuminating and confirming of my yearning to be fully expressed in this life. I am deeply appreciative of the time we spent together.

I have really connected with the knowing that my soul’s mastery is “Joy”! …How lovely and liberating that feels. I am asking myself on a daily basis, “How does this resonate with the frequency of Joy?”It has become my inner guidance and calibration.

I loved being in the space with you. Your exquisite loving presence, gentle probing questions and insightful clarification was so nurturing and empowering. In that moment with you, I felt seen as the essence of my soul and spirit…. I still feel it.

Dr. Sally Rundel

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