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Hi, I’m Judith Manriquez.

My specialty is taking the etheric, intangible nature of Soul work and bringing it into the ‘real’ tangible world, with Soul-aligned action in your life – body, money, relationship and work.

Soul mastery guide | Spiritual and personal development mentor

My Latest Articles

The trap of the good life

We all have dreams for our life. And we all want to experience them lived out to their fullest. Right? Or do we? The actual nitty-gritty, day-to-day of living isn't a smooth path. For anyone. And when the path turns bumpy there are so many different ways of responding...

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Praise for the unacknowledged change-makers

As I sit down to write this I wonder who it is that I'm really writing for. You see, I know I still have a really disparate group of readers and followers. There are those of you who know me from my local community and from the years I spent with my marketing company...

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When I have something compelling that will add value to your life, I write it here and share it first with my list. Generally never more than once a week.

A Shift on my Very Axis

45 minutes with Judith added a vital piece of the puzzle for me and my mastery in the world. The insights that have arrived as I've integrated Judith's powerful gifts have loosened up the movement on a new project that was feeling stalled. I really can't say enough about Judith's presence, energy and wisdom.
Nona Jordan
Clarity and Confidence (in spades)
After years of thinking I was here to find my "life purpose", Judith set me straight (and left my heart blown wide open) after only one hour together. Realizing that I'm here to fulfill my heart and its desires (and that's it) was revelatory.

In the time since our conversation (less than two months ago), I have gotten massive clarity around my business, ditched a project that didn't feel good anymore and launched a series of events that is creating major transformation in women's lives (including my own).

I don't know exactly what was unearthed during our call, but I do know that my cells have shifted and I'm more fulfilled than I have been in my entire life. I finally feel ready to embrace my Soul's calling and live from my heart. Judith, you are a gift!
Stephanie Watanabe
The Girl Who Knows
An exploration with Judith and deep connection with myself
What a delight to explore with Judith, a beautiful open space with complete freedom of expression... no template or process to be processed, in which my deepest self could be felt, and appreciated. This was a rich and affirming experience.
Pauline Esson
Judith has an extraordinary gift of listening to your soul to find your authentic desires and the higher vision for your business plan. Her work has saved me money and time by helping me to align with my truer self, gifts, and vision instead of wasting my energy making the same mistakes I have made before. Judith has a way of not only finding your hidden vision but also knowing how to organize and structure your path for accomplishing your most cherished goals and dreams.
Adrienne Cobb
With Judith, I gained crystal clarity on the essence of my mastery and feel it deeply in my bones. Mastery is no longer just a mental understanding, I feel it’s calling at all levels. I deeply appreciate Judith’s business acumen and in sharing her expertise she has helped elevate my business and my life. Judith is extraordinarily talented, and is masterful.
Jodi McMurray