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With the Leverage Mentorship, you get the personal hands on help to begin making the tangible, tactical and implementable steps toward the growth you so desire, while still remaining true to your Soul-led path.

And best of all, you create growth with ease, joy and in flow.

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A return to real… re-embracing joy and ease

I've just received an email from someone I follow online about how they're shifting down, refocusing, turning within and going back to the things they did when they just started out. And this is number two. As in the second to share a similar message within the last...

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A new way to think about money income

Lately I've been thinking about how to talk about and think about money differently. You know that the words we use, even if they are in our heads and remain unspoken, affect so much about what we are able to create and what we experience in our lives. So if we can...

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