Soul. Aligned. Action.

That sums it up.


Personal update February 2018: I’m currently focusing my energy on growing a new arm to my business. My one-on-one coaching and personal programs are on hiatus, please reach out to me if you have questions and we will discuss options.


In late 2017 I made the decision to begin a business with Beautycounter. I was a bit of a rare bird in that I decided to test the products and learn about the company and how to build a business in one giant jump.

As 2018 opens I’ve learned that the products are amazing and they WORK. I’ve learned the Beautycounter mission isn’t just words but baked into everything the company does. And I’ve found my stride and my focus for how I’m growing my own business with Beautycounter.

Whether you want to join my Beautycounter team or are interested in the products for yourself, I’m pioneering my way.

I encourage you to connect in on Facebook or join my email list and let yourself be pleasantly surprised.

Hello, I’m Judith Manriquez.


Over the last decade I’ve focused my time and energy toward knowing and refining my unique Soul gifts. Because the truth of it is, no matter what I ‘do’ or what title I use to describe my work, for me it comes down to sharing my unique Soul gifts with you, with grace and competence.

My gift is seeing your highest expression and how to take that into the world in a practical, real-life way. For where you are now. For where you want to go in the future. Through the challenges and road-blocks, both physical and internal.

What I do is help business owners grow their business. Why people love working with me is because I take my experience and love of marketing, branding, digital media and all things practical and marry it with the beautifully rich and ethereal world of heart and Soul. The end result is personal growth and business growth that get’s you where you want to go with ease.

On an official resume I’d say I’m an ‘integrated marketing and business development strategist’ and ‘soul mastery guide or coach’. On that same resume I’d share:

  • 10+ years building a solo coaching practice supporting entrepreneurs to grow their business toward their Soul mastery, with practical, tangible know-how
  • Founded and managed an integrated marketing, branding and web-development firm with 10 employees and revenue of $950K/yr from 1997-2008
  • Incorporate spiritual and energy work in business and coaching as a result of training in Resonance Repatterning and Spiritual Response Therapy, in addition to many other self-taught modalities and practices
  • Most proud of raising three amazing kids, two who are now teenagers and one who’s pretty close


What all of this means for you is this: I bring almost 30 years of my love of business and communications along with my love of Soul mastery and personal growth to the work I do with you and your business.

This quote below sums up my why. 💕Judith


I desire a world of people in relationship with their Soul, who know and practice the amazing potential of the Divine expressed through their life and business, consciously and with devotion.

Because when we do, we will create un-imagined possibilities where we only see impossible problems today.

The personal bits

In the beginning, I was born in El Paso, Texas and didn’t really leave until I went to college. I’m Hispanic, lived in the poor part of town, went to an all-girls high school and surprised the Sister teaching World Religions when I told her I believed in reincarnation and heaven on Earth. No reason, it just felt right.

Then came a BA in Business, a Masters in Public Affairs and several jobs in non-profits and government affairs as I sought to make a difference. I also met the love of my life.

Still searching, with partners I founded an integrated marketing and branding company just as the internet started to become the hot thing. I learned I was gifted at seeing to the core of people and businesses. Started a family. Learned what it’s like to have two self-employed parents through two doozy recessions.

Today, I’m building a company around my gift and my guidance. I’m aware I’m claire-cognizant and can see your Soul fully expressed; humbling and miraculous. Loving my family and learning to live with two teenage boys, and a not-yet-teenage daughter.

Still growing, learning and walking my path.

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