As more and more people awaken to their Divinity, I know you’ve played a role in their awakening.

About me

Hi, I’m Judith Manriquez.

I work with spiritual teachers, leaders and mentors who are ready to grow their business in ease.

I specialize in working with women who’ve grown a body of work over the last several decades who desire a business structure and practice to match the work.

As well as women who are growing into the full measure of their authority as spiritual leader who do not yet have a fully developed business.

When you work with me I meet you where you’re at to support you to grow at all levels – business, spiritual, personal and energetic.

We’ll create the tangible things you want and need in your business, to grow it on your own terms.

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My work begins when you’re done with hard, willing to commit to ease, and ready to truly lead from your Soul.


Mastery is about being imperfectly human while simultaneously commanding, and flowing with, the power of the Infinite.


You’re a Soul-led woman in business. Soul-led means you know you are the creator of your experience and are committed to living from your heart or Soul.



No matter where you are on your business-growth cycle, from start-up to doing-quite-well, you know you have limiting-beliefs, self-sabotage and fear of the shift to grow to where you know you are called to be.


I desire a world of people in relationship with their Soul, who know and practice the amazing potential of the Divine expressed through their life and business, consciously and with devotion.



An exploration with Judith and deep connection with myself
What a delight to explore with Judith, a beautiful open space with complete freedom of expression... no template or process to be processed, in which my deepest self could be felt, and appreciated. This was a rich and affirming experience.
Pauline Esson
New perspective and permission to live who you are...

It was fun to experience Judith's magic. Listening deeply, she was able to discern the way I 'know things' and define the core quality of my soul.

It gave me a new perspective on who I am, why I do what I do and how I can nurture my soul better. I still feel tickled as I integrate this new understanding and learn to live more consciously and (play)fully from my core.
Lone Morch
Award-winning author, photographer and creative adventuress
Divine revelation
I felt validated around all the work I am doing to slow down and listen to my soul's voice, which I learned is also the Divine voice speaking through me. I made big changes in the way I serve my community as a result of our work together and they paid off!

I am so pleased with the ways in which this work easily connected with the other personal growth and support work I have been engaged with over several months. And the ultimate message I received, which I have been easing into since our call was, "spend less time living from headspace and more time living from heartspace."
Annie Matan
Singer, artist, spiritual leader and Jewish educator
Laser beam compassion and clarity
Judith gave me the most brilliant insight on how to run my life (and business) from a place of peace and power. One that I'd never considered before.

Since then, I've able to shift my energy and step more fully into my mastery without compromising my integrity or presence. So much gratitude. xx
L'Erin Alta
Sister Fire
Thank you for my soul mastery session with you

It was both illuminating and confirming of my yearning to be fully expressed in this life. I am deeply appreciative of the time we spent together.

Since my session, I have really connected with the knowing that my soul’s mastery is “Joy”! …How lovely and liberating that feels. I am asking myself on a daily basis, “How does this resonate with the frequency of Joy?”It has become my inner guidance and calibration.

I loved being in the space with you. Your exquisite loving presence, gentle probing questions and insightful clarification was so nurturing and empowering. In that moment with you, I felt seen as the essence of my soul and spirit…. I still feel it.
Dr. Sally Rundel
Leadership Coach, Facilitator & Energy Practitioner
It took me a while to find the words I want to express so deeply from my heart about my experience of working with Judith. That’s rare for me, and the only reason I can come up with is that there aren’t enough superlatives to fit into this small space!

Judith offers a potent mix of crystal clarity presence, deep listening, wise questioning, glorious warmth, humour and heart, and a remarkable ability to hone directly to the truth of me, and what I’m here for. She’s super practical too! I feel seen and heard, sharply focused, and expanded too as I move forward in my business and life.

Judith is a rare gift. If you're looking for mastery of your purpose, I can’t recommend Judith highly enough.
Tricia Karp
Judith hears what I don't say and sees what I can't see. Even more, she feels/senses on my behalf in ways that are both mysterious and miraculous. Then she reflects it all back - in the most wise and loving of ways. When I heard, saw, and felt what she knows, my vision became clearer, my perspective focused, and my heart expanded - for my business, my life, my very soul.

To be witnessed in this way and to then step forward with that as guiding principle and compelling motivation changes everything. I cannot recommend Judith or her work highly enough.
Ronna Detrick

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