Hi, I’m Judith Manriquez. I help Soul-led women grow their one-on-one business in ways they didn’t believe possible.

Every week, I share reflections, announcements, or training on what it takes to grow your business with ease, the Soul-led way. I’d love to include you too. You in?


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When money is not your leading motivation, but you still want to grow it. Here’s how to know what does motivate you.

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Learn how to stop making things hard so you create with joy, and keep it flowing with ease.

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You’re ready to make ease and flow the norm in your business – rather than only conceptually knowing it’s possible.

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Articles of interest

When you’re beginning something new

Sometimes when we begin something it’s like a seed being planted. The beginning of potential. The unfurling and wonder. The first few leaves of majesty, beauty and life. And other times when we begin something it’s like a bud growing and opening into bloom. The bud is...

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When your business goal for the new year is ‘easier’

Today marks 40 days till the close of this year. In a little bit, I'll close the computer and check-out of digital engagement for a few days to enjoy family and steep in gratitude for the beauty in my life. But this time always marks the perfect transition for winding...

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